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Three UK Offers Free Tech Gadgets with Unlimited Data Plans

Friday, April 9th, 2021 (8:37 am) - Score 2,472

Mobile operator Three UK has today kicked off what they’re calling the “Big Tech Giveaway,” which as the name suggests means that new customers taking one of their latest unlimited data (mobile broadband) tariffs and selected handset bundles will also receive a free gadget – ranging from smartwatches to smart speakers etc.

At present this only seems to apply to 24-month plans that come with either the Samsung S20 FE 5G, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, Google Pixel 4A, Xiaomi Mi 11 or OnePlus 9 Pro 5G phone. Customers who take one of those can then choose one of the following tech gifts: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live noise-cancelling earbuds, JBL Xtreme 3 portable speaker, Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch or Powerbeats Pro from Beats wireless earphones.

Aislinn O’Connor, Director of Marketing for UK and ROI at Three, said: “As the country begins to open up, there is a hint of optimism in the air – we feel it too, which is why we want to offer our customers a little something on us with our Big Tech Giveaway.” New customers will have until midnight on 30th July 2021 to claim their gift.

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29 Responses
  1. Avatar Anna says:

    As long as you can choose it – the OP 9 pro (which is £930) or the Xiaomi Mi 11 (which is also a belter of a phone) is a good catch

  2. Avatar Anthony Goodman says:

    “Offers Free Tech Gadgets”….Sorry but one month after they drastically upped the prices of both their PAYG and Contract sims they can shove those free gadgets where the sun don’t shine. I had multiple sims with them and I changed them to 1pmobile on pay as you go and it shows there was no reason for them to up their prices like they did if they can do it. And free gadgets is an insult they should have just kept their prices as they were.

    1. Avatar Anna says:

      Agreed I started on 1p mobile and got a number from them – and now I am on Voxi and it’s working well. Three is junk in this area but then again so is EE so to be expected.

    2. Avatar ed says:

      as Anna wrote, i was too on the 321 now as they upped the prices I moved to ASDA mobile (Vodafone) btw signal from 1/5 bars is now 4/5, for years the signal on 3 was pathetic.

    3. Avatar Chris says:

      £10 a gig at 1p mobile is a bit extreme.

      I just got 15GB unlimited calls & texts 1 month rolling contract for £8 over at ID mobile.

      Far cheaper than 1p mobile.

  3. Avatar Ig Og says:

    After Ofcom denied them a chance, 3 have just got worse, very sad. Gimmicks won’t help on their 500% price hikes.

  4. Avatar Zakir says:

    Worst network for 4G speeds

    1. Avatar Jay powell says:

      Not for me great speeds on 4g on three and brilliant 5g speeds on three wouldn’t touch ee with a bargepoll

    2. Avatar Bubbles says:

      You’ve told us time and time again, why do you do it. All networks vary from place to place and three is obviously not particularly great in your area. Three are one of the best up here in rural Bradford, 5G speeds at my house in excess of 500Mbps and 4G speeds well over 100Mbps. You switched to voda and complained about them too but when we suggest the best for your area, you decline

    3. Avatar Ig Og says:

      I get get up to 330Mbps

  5. Avatar zakir says:

    I’m in E3 area of London tested 4G speeds in E1, E2, E3, E9 and E15 very bad

    1. Avatar JP says:

      Come on mate, why you troll every Three post….

      One thing that won’t help you with three is that your using a phone that dont support Band 1 carrier aggregation, it don’t support Band 32 SDL so your limited to what speed you will get anyway.

      You took a SIM with Vodafone and still complained about issues when using your device and again because no band 1 aggregation supported.

      Your becoming your own worst enemy, and Three looked after you too by crediting and supporting you with various things.

      I’m not defending three but your constantly in the background saying there’s crap when it’s your phone thats crap.

    2. Avatar CJ says:

      Band 32? Three didn’t bother adding that when they upgraded my local mast to 5G. The result is good speeds on 5G (but still considerably slower than EE) while 4G remains as congested as ever.

      Cost-saving decisions like that, and only using 40MHz of 5G spectrum despite having plenty more available, are why they’ll continue to struggle at the premium end of the market and will keep having to rely on discounted prices and other incentives like those in the article.

      I’d like to see Three build a truly premium network and give EE some competition (the O2/Vodafone network share is hopeless in the east) but they always seem to cut a few too many corners.

    3. Avatar JP says:

      It’s like 5G wasn’t added to you closest mast and was added to another mast within range, however they do rollout 40hmz on masts with contention issues on backhaul and only upgrade them once issues resolved.

      They’ve done this near me too.

  6. Avatar dave says:

    I just got unlimited data on Three for £3 per month.

    1. Avatar Anthony Goodman says:

      Did you have a gun in your hand?

    2. Avatar dave says:

      They offered it unprompted when I called up to cancel some sims.

  7. Avatar Carl says:

    Three is pretty good in Chester. I use the Samsung Band Selector app to keep Band 20 and Band 32 (L band) which gives me 60+mbps and n78 for whenever it gets a 5g signal.

    If I have the phone on automatic it connects to Band 3 which, in theory should be quicker, but isn’t, and won’t allow L Band to aggregate either so it sits around 4-10mbps.

    1. Avatar JP says:

      Good to know, I was experimenting with using Band 20 over 1/3 recently due to issues in my area, actually surprising how much better it works.

    2. Avatar Carl says:

      Its slow by itself by design, but merged with band 32 it works better than any other, especially here.

      5g is intermittent as I’m right on the edge so I don’t depend on it.

      Another benefit is I always have signal due to the low frequency.

      The phone would never jump to band 20, even when it gives full signal, it stayed on band 3 with 1 bar constantly.

    3. Avatar JP says:

      Yeah I know. Band 20 is not usually used until last resort by design but obviously when forced great, but less masts have Band 20 too (currently) so this can be problematic in a few places sometimes.

      Weird how Band 32 wouldn’t work for you with B3, what device you got?

    4. Avatar Carl says:

      I’ve a Samsung s10 5g.

      I realised today (not going out much) that my trick doesn’t work in the city centre, band 3 is key there (no doubt as I’m closer).

      But I live just outside the city maybe 10 min walk, and the band 20 and 32 settings work better than any other.

      Keep getting 5g show up intermittently more than usual so I assume they’re testing (network checker says they’re working locally) so maybe 5g will p all over them all.

      Get about 280 when I walk around the corner on 5g, as I’m right on the edge of the current active 5g mast.

      Bromborough I got over 650 on the retail park, so I’m hoping they hurry up and roll out contiguous spectrum everywhere.

      I did read in financial Times that Three plan to reboot and aim high this summer as they want to boost their profile from being the cheap alternative of the 4 main networks, and I hope this brings a proper roll out.

  8. Avatar Jay powell says:

    I still can’t get 5g in my postcode why the slow roll out three as i am using a42 5g

    1. Avatar Carl says:

      The 5g rollout with Three is a joke, but hopefully with their new spectrum licences due, this will change come summer.

    2. Avatar JP says:

      5G roll-out will be slow if they don’t know what to put in place to provide it.

      However, I can confirm that since the 1st stage of spectrum was awarded their has been a lot of work going on with Three, and it would seem they are using new Ericsson kit too, so totally believe the delays where tied to spectrum awards and also the changing of vendors.

  9. Avatar Jay powell says:

    Guys what band 5g has Samsung galaxy a42 have on three as I am looking at specs of my phone online it’s a sub6 5g phone but what I need to look for for fast speeds ?

    1. Avatar Carl says:

      5g is the same across all networks and falls under band n78 (3400-3600mhz), there will soon be 700mhz (O2, Three and EE) and 900mhz (Vodafone only) within 12 months for better coverage and capacity.

    2. Avatar Carl says:

      Fast speeds are more so determined by mast backhaul and amount of congestion.


      Band 20 (long distance, carry through most buildings)

      Band 3/Band 1 (shorter distance but higher capacity)

      Band 32 (L band – only works in conjunction with the other bands)

      All of these in their own way could provide fast speeds over 30mbps.

      Networks tend to use carrier aggregation to boost speed and capacity (so as to merge the bands provided on that mast through your handset to provide a better connection)

      Download then cellmapper app and see what masts are local, and what bands are around.

      Also Samsung Band Selector app to force your phone to use set bands if you require.

      I stick to band 20, band 32 and n78 in my local area due to where I live and work.

  10. Avatar Jay powell says:

    Oh ok thanks

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