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ASA Ban Misleading Full Fibre Claim from UK Wireless ISP 6G Internet

Wednesday, Mar 6th, 2024 (12:01 am) - Score 2,880

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned another advert for UK fixed wireless broadband ISP 6G Internet (IX Wireless), albeit this time for sending out a “misleading” leaflet promotion that claimed the provider offered “Full Fibre Speed Broadband” (Full Fibre is a term that’s typically only be used by FTTP networks).

The provider previously got into hot water with the ASA last August 2023 (here), which occurred after they were found to have caused confusion by “misleadingly implying that a sixth-generation mobile network existed and was able to be used by consumers”. 6G Internet uses WiFi based technology and is nothing to do with the future 6G mobile network standard.

Funnily enough, the original “6G” complaint also indirectly picked up on the provider’s questionable use of “full fibre” wording in their adverts (e.g. “6Ginternet: Full fibre speed broadband only £9.99 per month“), although they didn’t rule on that. But the new complaint relates to a separate leaflet advert that was seen at the end of September 2023 – after the ASA’s previous ruling.

The leaflet stated “Fixed Wireless Broadband* Full Fibre Speed Broadband from £21.99 per month. Based on a 24-month contract”. The asterisk linked to small print at the bottom of the leaflet which stated “*6Gi broadband is delivered using fixed wireless and full fibre technologies..”.

In its defence, the ISP said they believed consumers would understand the claim “Full Fibre Speed Broadband” to mean that the speed of their advertised 100Mbps fixed wireless broadband service delivered download speeds, which were equivalent to full fibre download services. The ASA rightly disagreed.

ASA Ruling Ref: A23-1213406 6G Internet Ltd

“Although we acknowledged that the ad also included the claim “Fixed Wireless Broadband”, which also appeared prominently, but was not presented in a stand-out colour, we considered its placement above the headline claim “Full Fibre Speed Broadband” likely created a significant degree of ambiguity for consumers when viewing the ad. We considered the small print, which stated “6Gi broadband is delivered using fixed wireless and full fibre technologies” did not sufficiently explain how the service worked and again implied that it was a full fibre product. The small print also stated “It is not provided over a mobile network and does not make use of 4G, 5G, or future 6G cellular technologies”, which we considered added to the impression that the service was not wireless and that, in some capacity, it utilised fibre to the premises FTTP technology.

We acknowledged 6Gi provided data on a small sample of 49 customers, which showed a download speed of 100 Mbps was achieved for all those customers at the point of installation, and that 90% of those customers continued to achieve that speed. We understood that 100 Mbps was at the lower end of speeds typically delivered using full fibre broadband. Notwithstanding that, because we considered consumers were unlikely to interpret the claim “Full Fibre Speed Broadband” to mean the product was not full fibre but that it offered speeds equivalent to full fibre products, we considered that data was not relevant.

For those reasons, we considered the ad gave the overall impression that the product being advertised was full fibre broadband. As that was not the case, we concluded the ad was likely to mislead consumers.”

The ASA thus banned the adverts in their current form and told the provider to ensure future ads “did not state or imply” that their service was a full fibre broadband product, when that was not the case.

As a side note, the case also revealed that 6Gi had just 789 customers on their network with a 100Mbps package, of which 366 had joined in 2023. Until recently that was their fastest package, although they have in the past few months launched both a 300Mbps and 200Mbps package option.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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14 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Jon says:

    They banned the Fibre part and not the 6G bit? :facepalm:

    1. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      The 6G part was tackled in the prior complaint, but the ASA can only go so far here and can’t stop the company/business itself using 6G as part of their name.

  2. Avatar photo Rik says:

    They’re advertising in Darwen under the name Opus with the same rubbish.

  3. Avatar photo Chris says:

    Yet virgin got away with calling their copper coax service fibre for what must be over a decade!

    1. Avatar photo NE555 says:

      But even Virgin didn’t claim it to be “Full Fibre”, or even “Full Fibre Speed”

    2. Avatar photo gn says:

      BT to this very day misleadingly advertises VDSL as fibre, see https://www.bt.com/broadband/deals

      The ASA simply hasn’t done its job.

  4. Avatar photo Phil Knowles says:

    Anyone who knows 6G (the company) or their various current/previous incarnations knows they’re complete charlatans. Some of the worst in the industry. Apologising on behalf of the sector. Folks like this need calling and weeding out.

    1. Avatar photo Anon says:

      Totally agree

    2. Avatar photo Anthony Grisdale says:

      Totally agree, once again why aren’t our main stream media / consumer watchdog organisation calling out this ‘outfit’. Poles have been installed all around near us very occasionally some are vertical. A bit of fibre strung between them and then nothing for six months. Each pole has a poster on it saying ‘6g available here NOW’. I wonder what the real business plan is?

    3. Avatar photo Rik says:

      Yep. Time Computers and Supanet..

  5. Avatar photo Tom says:

    You mean to tell me an ISP called “6G Internet” has been accused of false advertising?

  6. Avatar photo Michael V says:

    As long as they state it’s WiFi, as in 6G WiFi that should clear up confusion.
    WiFi 6 is technically 6th Generation. But the WiFi industry hasn’t really made that clear to consumers so one might think 6G Cellular networks.
    These companies really need to sort their advertising departments.

  7. Avatar photo J says:

    I have used 6G interent several years ago. Complained to the ombudsman as I was paying for a poor service and they weren’t fixing it. We parted ways I was able to leave without paying an early termination charge they did not refund me for loss service but I was just happy I left. 6G Internet use a form of air fibre technology. I found that wherever there were strong winds or it rained it would not get more than 3mpbs.. its the UK so it was often.

  8. Avatar photo AT says:

    These jokers have put up poles all over the place with nothing on them. Loads went up long ago near my parents house and there’s not a single run of fibre, cabling or even an antenna on any. Yet they’re claiming to offer a service.
    Can more and more understand people kicking off about extra poles when things like this happen. If new poles are actually visibly providing a service then I feel it’s fine. Just not when they’re empty.

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