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6th March, 2024 (14 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned another advert for UK fixed wireless broadband ISP 6G Internet (IX Wireless), albeit this time for sending out a “misleading” leaflet promotion that claimed the provider offered “Full Fibre Speed Broadband” (Full Fibre is a term that’s typically only be used by FTTP networks).

switching man broadband isp uk

1st March, 2024 (17 Comments)

A new study by Broadband Genie, which harnesses data from actual consumer migrations, has claimed that there was a decrease of 38% in broadband ISP switches during the period of 15th December 2023 to 12th February 2024 and as a result UK bill payers are estimated to be £53m worse off in lost savings.


10th January, 2024 (10 Comments)

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has today banned a direct mailing advert for alternative full fibre network and ISP Zzoomm, which compared their 150Mbps broadband package with BT’s 35Mbps Fibre 1 service, after it was found to have contained “misleading” savings claims.


14th December, 2023 (8 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will tomorrow officially begin to enforce new guidance for how UK broadband ISPs and mobile network operators should communicate mid-contract prices hikes to consumers, which could make such policies clearer and more transparent. But it arrives as Ofcom move (here) to ban the practice.

13th December, 2023 (57 Comments)

The UK telecoms, media and internet content regulator, Ofcom, has today introduced new guidelines that will effectively only allow broadband ISPs to use terms like “fibre” and “full-fibre” on their websites, and in contracts, if their network brings fibre optic cables all the way to your home (i.e. FTTP / FTTH).

Virgin Media O2 UK Hub 5 Router

13th December, 2023 (12 Comments)

A complaint by Vodafone has prompted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to investigate and ultimately ban a series of adverts for Virgin Media’s (VMO2) UK broadband ISP products after some of them “misleadingly” claimed to be offering the “fastest WiFi Guarantee of any major provider“.

British sterling one pound coin currency

12th December, 2023 (1 Comment)

Ofcom has today published their latest biannual UK consumer affordability report, which reveals that the take-up of cheaper social broadband ISP and mobile tariffs for those on state benefits has increased to 380,000 households (up from 220,000 six months ago). But that still represents just 8.3% of households on Universal Credit (4.6 million).

Housing cost

12th December, 2023 (45 Comments)

The UK communications regulator, Ofcom, has today published the outcome of their review into whether mid-contract price hikes that are linked to inflation give mobile and broadband ISP customers enough certainty and clarity about what they can expect to pay. Suffice to say, they’re effectively banning the practice.


2nd November, 2023 (35 Comments)

A new Opinium survey of 2,000 UK adults, which was commissioned by Uswitch, has today claimed that 85% of broadband ISP and mobile customers view annual price rises as “unfair” and 87% think they should be allowed to leave their provider penalty free if they raise prices mid-contract.

British sterling one pound coin currency

6th October, 2023 (56 Comments)

Consumer magazine Which? has today launched the “Right to Connect” campaign, which accuses UK mobile and broadband providers of “duping consumers with their sneaky mid-contract price hikes” and is instead calling on the regulator, Ofcom, to “ban this practice” and deliver generally “clearer and fairer pricing“.

16th September, 2023 (15 Comments)

Some of VOXI’s existing contract-free mobile operator customers, which is a UK virtual operator (MVNO) sibling of Vodafone, have complained after the provider appeared to misleading offer them a £10 unlimited data (mobile broadband) deal to prevent them from switching away – only to later decline to honour it.

EE No1 UK 5G Network

23rd August, 2023 (8 Comments)

A series of complaints, most of which came from rivals Three UK and Vodafone, has prompted the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to investigate and ban several old adverts for EE’s mobile network over “misleading” promotions, which claimed that it was the “No.1” network for 5G.


22nd August, 2023 (56 Comments)

A few months ago Ofcom launched a new consultation that proposed to only allow broadband ISPs to use the terms “fibre” and “full-fibre” on their sites and in contracts “if their network uses fibre-optic cables all the way from the exchange to the home” (FTTP). But feedback suggests that the biggest providers are not supportive.

18th August, 2023 (8 Comments)

Residents in the West Midland’s city of Wolverhampton have been warned by the local city council to be on the lookout for doorstep scammers, some of which have recently been posing as council employees in an attempt to entice people to switch their ISP for free broadband.

6g air fibre

16th August, 2023 (22 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned several adverts for UK fixed wireless broadband ISP 6G Internet (IX Wireless) after they were found to have caused confusing by “misleadingly implying that a sixth-generation mobile network existed and was able to be used by consumers.” Awkward.


26th July, 2023 (8 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a website advert for a Sky Business broadband package – displayed in January 2023 – after BT complained that it had made a “misleading” price comparison, which involved a claim that customers could “SAVE OVER £750” by switching to Sky’s package.


5th July, 2023 (6 Comments)

A complaint by Sky (Sky Mobile) has resulted in the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banning a multitude of Vodafone’s adverts for misleadingly claiming to offer the “UK’s only Phone Buy-Back Guarantee“, which is despite the fact that they are not the only UK company to guarantee to buy back the phones they sold.

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