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PostOffice UK Users Blame ISP Network Swap for Phone and Support Woes

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 (1:23 am) - Score 22,597

Customers of the Post Office’s broadband and phone service have been hit by a variety of service problems, ranging from a total loss of telephone connectivity to an inability to contact support, since the ISP began the migration of their telecoms platform from BTWholesale to TalkTalk Wholesale at the start of September 2013.

The migration was first announced in May 2012 (here) and details of the move, which also includes a change to the supplier of PO’s customer service and billing platforms, were finally confirmed in July 2013 (here). Unfortunately some aspects of the migration do not appear to be going smoothly for everybody.

ISPreview.co.uk has received a variety of reports with some customers saying that they’ve been left without a telephone service for several days and others struggling to reach the PO’s support department. Other complainants have also highlighted inaccurate billing, a total loss of email access and the inability to access their accounts via the ISPs website.

Ernie Lawrence told ISPreview.co.uk:

I have not been able to access my account on the postoffice.co.uk website for three days. Put on hold on three times for thirty minutes, then cut off, when trying to phone. No email for three days.”

Alan Gaynor said:

I’ve also had no email service since Sunday, customer service is disgraceful and non-existent, been unable to speak to anyone on so called help lines, phone just rings and rings. Will be joining the droves of ex-customers as soon as possible.”

Lorna Adams said:

I’ve been having problems with the telephone service spent all of yesterday morning and evening trying to get it sorted but no answer. I’ve been able to access my email account but my bills have been completely messed up and apparently I’m now in debt, funny as I’ve paid by direct debit for 2 years and the august payment hadn’t been taken. Their service is appalling.”

Mr Broderick added:

We are old age couple our telephone not working for last 5 days we have spend hours and hours at different time to call but helpline is always busy our local post office letting us use their phone to call helpline we don’t know what to do.”

It’s understood that the lack of effective support has also made it difficult for some customers to change broadband ISP because they’re unable to request a migration code (MAC) to help them swap providers (ISP Complaints and Advice – MACs).

A spokesperson for the Post Office, whom also apologised for the problems, has since confirmed to ISPreview.co.uk that the changes being made to their HomePhone and Broadband services have resulted in calls to their support lines “taking longer than normal to answer” and they’re apparently “working hard to rectify this“.

A Post Office Spokesperson said:

The elements of this service which were migrated to a new supplier last weekend do not affect HomePhone phonelines or broadband connectivity. A small number of customers have existing internet connection problems due to a number of mitigating circumstances which we will deal with on an individual basis.

Some customers using the @mypostoffice.co.uk emails may have experienced some delays when sending emails following a reconfiguration of the security settings on accounts. We have contacted these customers to explain how this can be resolved.”

In fairness, significant platform migrations often cause problems and as a result some customers always end up suffering from unexpected issues. Never the less the provider will surely want to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible and before more subscribers decide that it’s better to jump ship.

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112 Responses
  1. Avatar @mypostoffice.co.uk customer says:

    RE:Some customers using the @mypostoffice.co.uk emails may have experienced some delays when sending emails following a reconfiguration of the security settings on accounts. We have contacted these customers to explain how this can be resolved.”……………….What rubbish…SOME DELAYS !!!! 8 days …I rang on the first day my outgoing emails stopped (last Wednesday 4th Sept)to TELL THEM my settings appeared to need changing now. Nobody had the first clue as to what they should be. They did send an email on Friday 6th Sept at 22.51 (ha!)supposedly explaining what the settings should be. Tried this and I had a warning pop up which told me that “legitimate banks,stores and other public sites would not ask you to do this!” Since Wed 4th I have spent 7+ hours waiting for technical people to answer the phone. Last night the wait got to 1hr 50mins 59secs and then just cut off!!!!! WORKING HARD TO RESOLVE THIS MY EYE!!!! APPALLING SERVICE. IF THEY KNOW EMAILS ARE COMING IN WHY CANT THEY a)Tell you before it happens what to expect and/or b) KEEP YOU ABREAST OF WHATS HAPPENING

    1. Avatar harknett says:

      Your new layout is diaboligical.
      Email layout diaboligical. Cannot read it as its too small and cannot change the font.
      Emails sent do not go out Not even one since I joined. Why
      Phone calls to post office delayed for one hour 2 hours half hours but still no response to complaints. Must have geeks working there.
      No itemized calls Why.
      Bills are inaccurate.
      Would like to find a server who cares
      Customer Care appalling. No service.

    2. Avatar Lisa Burton says:

      I’ve been reading most of the comments/complaints on here & the only difference being: I have not received the router box so BB is not even an issue, & as I’ve returned to BT (Thank God )I am back to [normal] re the internet.
      Went to the main PO in Holloway London, credit checked, accepted but was a tad worried when the chap said: “don’t say you’ve got an existing BT line”!! I now know why….
      Anyway, an engineer attended & proceeded to ‘work’ behind my couch (I guessed it was the socket area), yep whilst the b*****d nicked my expensive connection part swapping for a cheap burnt out plastic one! Perhaps my being a woman had him thinking I wasn’t on the ‘ball’? ‘Phone worked for 3 day’s until I attempted to contact CS as to the whereabouts of the router as I needed to print off e-mails for a litigation case. OMG! I was on my cordless ‘phone for 3hrs and 44 minutes, alternating between speaker phone, smoked 6 ciggies (yes, it was that stressful), drank several coffees amid swearing, when the ‘phone began to bleep warning me the batteries were weakning. Recharged, and re-dialed CS to no avail – this went on for a further 2 days until I visited the PO & demanded ‘they’ call as I wanted my connection part returned and “where was my router”?? The staff were being screamed at by several disgruntled customer’s with 1 man having used the PO phone for 3 days without getting through to CS & begged for discnnection so he could change providers. I finally grovelled to BT and implored them to take me back which they did without question with same contacting the PO & informing them of my decison – wait for it…..I was then unable to make a call & as my reconnection date for the new BT line was on the 4th of September I was fuming. I tried dialing 999 to no avail, so the dialing tone on the phone but unable to make an emergency call! Yes I own 2 mobile phone’s but what would have happened if I was without? So the useless, clueless, untrained, money grabbing sods were offended due to my returning to BT. I have sent a very harsh e-mail yesterday & [demanded] the refund for the batteries which wasted due to the length of time holding for CS with an additional ‘goodwill gesture’ (not 1st class stamps) else I would take to small claims & issue for a higher sum for duress/stress, mis-information, & sheer lack of profession with the added ‘theft’ of my connection part which the engineer took.
      I was not aware the PO were working with Talk Talk (another shambloic bunch of morons)& I would opt for smoke signals/carrier pigeons rather sign with same.
      Received an e-mail from the complaints dept PO saying they “were looking into my complaint” – perhaps a few words to keep me quiet! They don’t know what’s hit them for I have no intention giving up – Oh’, and no router yet. Say’s it all really. BT may have their flaws but, by gum they are 1,000 times better than the incomptent companies I’ve read about & sent me another connection part saying “bin” the plastic burnt out replacement left by the engineer on the 4th of September as could be dangerous & was not correct procedure. Thank you BT.

  2. Avatar Alf Duffy says:

    I am a new Post office Broadband customer whose service was supposed to go live 23 Aug, after getting through to the Technical Support yesterday I now have a partial service which as I write keeps disappearing. At one stage I was told the trouble was I hadn’t put in my user name and password when I had no Internet to do so. It would appear I picked the wrong time and ISP to switch service provider. I am of the opinion chaos reigns at the Post Office bunker and possibly the deckchairs are being re-arranged. As I write I am on the phone trying to get through to the Technical Support yet again.

    1. Avatar Desmond Brew says:

      The ‘My Post Office’ service is an absolute shambles, their billing and lack of communication is much to be desired. Getting through to them on the phone is the Joke of the year!

  3. Avatar Ben Sims says:

    My grandfather has been without email for nearly two weeks. He has not received anything on how to resolve the problems he is having. I am completely at a loss how a company like this can allow the loss of service to continue for so long with 1. No apology and 2. No help given what so ever. Appalling for a company trying to be a competitor within the ISP industry

  4. Avatar Alan Clayton says:

    I have now been without any E-mail access for 11 full days. A single page comes up proclaiming that I can now access all my accounts and E Mails, but there is no button available on the page to do so, and to utilise other buttons that are shown, I am told to install flash Adobe, without any information on how to do that. I don’t even know if the absence of any button to access my E -Mail is a widespread problem, or peculiar to me. Phone lines to the post office appear permanently log-jammed,and customers have received no information about how long this will continue, or how to recognise when the E-Mail is accessible. As they are supposedly a postal service, surely information about all of this should have been delivered to subscribers in the post. I’d like to ask if we are still expected to pay for this total lack of service over this period, but right now I am more concerned about time wasted on futile and frustrating attempts to restore contact with my mails–I just hope that incoming communications are being stored safely somewhere and will eventually become available to me. Just how much longer are customers expected to put up with a total absence of service or information?

  5. Avatar Tann says:

    I have been unable to access the postoffice broadband page since Monday 2nd September after several unsuccessful phone calls kept getting cut off I eventually got through to someone Tuesday who told me the problems should be sorted by Thursday. By saturday still no access phoned again after several unsuccessful attempts to get through after holding on for over an 1 hour got through to someone not from support who told me I needed to give them my email address so they could transfer it, however I told him I couldn’t even access the post office page to input my email address. He said he would pass the information on to support. After still not hearing I phoned again on a different number which I tried I nearly got through straight away, they informed me that my previous call had been logged but cannot tell me how long it will take to rectify. Lack of communication from the post office is terrible and when I asked if I was paying for the calls to Customer Service he says probably unless I have a certain account. I asked if any rebate would be made for the lack of email service and told this is a free service they provide so no. Can’t believe such a big company can treat its customers so poorly. I am applying for jobs at present and without access to my emails cannot see if any potential company has replied via email. Disgusting service.

  6. Avatar @mypostoffice customer says:

    I have been having problems with post online access for months and months. Sometimes they contact and say the issue has been “fixed” when in reality it was not.

    I’ve been able to access my account since 20 August 2013. I’ve only just found out that post office were changing platform over to Talk-Talk. THE POST OFFICE HAS NOT ASKED ME IF I WANT TO BE A TALK TALK CUSTOMER – cos in effect that’s what you’ll be. With Capita providing the customer contact centre, and with MDS providing billing and solutions.

    Nowhere in correspondence have the post office said they were migrating to another company. IF I WANTED TO BE A TALK-TALK CUSTOMER (which I don’t) THEN I WOULD HAVE GONE DIRECTLY TO THEM. Why would anyone need to go through the post office. If they can’t run a telecoms service with competence, they should be stripped of their licence.


    I would never have gone to post office telecoms had I known the trouble would happen. The end of my broadband contract is near, and I can’t wait to change provider.

    As it happens i’ve already had a go at the post office. Back in 2006, I was one of their ‘slamming’ victims. Only found out it was them when becoming a post office customer.


    Very disappointed with the service, but now I know why when speaking to them, they haven’t said it was out of their control – THEY SAY THEY HAVEN’T BEEN GIVEN A TIMEFRAME. So where does that leave us, their customers. I think we deserve compensation from them.

    1. Avatar Tracey cross says:

      Oh my gosh. They’re such hypocrites. I tried to change to bt last year and the post office tried to make out bt were “slamming” me and they would never ever, ever…do such a thing.
      Anyway to cut a long story short. I had completely had enough of dealing with no Internet or speeds that a snail could beat. I decided to switch ISP to bt.
      Bt said I needed my mac code. Tried for days on end. So did bt. They told me they clocked over 25 hours of calls trying to contact the post office. In the end bt suggested I change my phone number as I didn’t need a mac code for this. Didnt mind too much as I’m fed up of getting 20 annoying sales calls every day and even night. Well it’s the best decision I’ve made all year. I now have speeds of 50mbps. So very happy I jumped ship before it sank completely.
      The post office has cost me over £100 in lost emails and phone calls. Do you think I will get a refund….!!!!?? Me neither.

  7. Avatar Douglas Leadbitter says:

    I have had no internet service since the 1st September and tried many times letting the phone just ring on loudspeaker to actually speak to someone and resulting in only 2 members of staff answering after hours of ringing out. the forst one said system would be back in 2 days (2 WEEKS AGO ) and the second one didn’t even know that there was a problem with the sysem, I have now had no contact for the last 7 days .After working in the customer service industry for all of my working life I cannot understand why a flagship company of the UK has not been able to communicate with its customers . I would appreciate an answer and an end to this deplorable situation very soon and without a doubt there should be no charge for this month for the telephone and broadband use . I await a reply from yourselves soon

  8. Avatar harknett says:

    Read all the complaints and am not surprised.
    Well I am now negoiating a new service provider.
    Up yours post office.

  9. Avatar lorna says:

    well thank you people of the lost postoffice broadband and phone line.after reading all the posts I now know the problem is with them not me.about to send for engineer to check my computer,i to have had words disappear cannot contact anyone and as for joining talk talk don’t get me started on that so heads up folks it could take some time

  10. Avatar Helen Juniper says:

    This website has helped a lot. I knew the fault wasn’t on our line. They want to charge us to send an engineer out to ‘fix’ out line!
    We’ve waited 30-40 mins to get through to the technical team. Most of the time the phone not being answered. I’m at the end if my teather with the Internet keep going down between 7-11pm. Had 5 days when it was working fine, now its back to being rubbish!!

    Post office sort it out. I don’t want to be with talk talk! Why did to change to such a rubbish provider????

  11. Avatar House move says:

    I moved house on 15 August and was told my service would be switched over by 5 September. Still absolutely nothing. Cannot get through to customer services, have tried phoning (for hours), emailed etc. Have been with the Post Office for 3 years and have always received a quality service from them, so disappoined now. Someone to answer their customer helpline would be a start.

  12. Avatar Mike says:

    Post Office email facility has always been rubbish and is hardly any better after their move from BT to TalkTalk. You can’t get through on their pathetic customer service line even after hours of waiting. You don’t get a response to emails and you can’t leave them because you can’t get a MAC code as it’s impossible to get through to them. Their broadband service is not reliable and they don’t fulfil their obligations (no wireless modem provided to existing customers; no refund for loss of phone service of over a week; website facility for paying line rental in advance – guess what? – doesn’t work). When/if they get themselves sorted out I’m going to find a better phone/internet provider.

  13. Avatar pete read says:

    They have posted a message on my home page:-
    We’ve noticed that there’s currently debt on your account. Until this debt is clear it will not be possible to order any new services using the Self Care portal. To make a payment, or query the debt status please phone us on 0845 600 3210
    They made no attempt to contact me by email or telephone. After many long waits on telephone, and emails I have finally received a letter from Tori Richards, Customer Experinec Advisorthem which admits that they failed to collect the direct debit, but have not explained why nor why they do not simply claim on the direct debit. Instead the letter asks me to contact their helpline “in order to bring your account up to date and prevent any further action…” – I take this latter phrase as a threat despit teh fact that the fault is entierly theirs. I am still unable to view my bills on line, and payment history appears to show no outstanding debt

  14. Avatar Helen mcdermott says:

    Internet service down for over a week… Tried to ring customer care line with the post office I was out on hold for hours and no answer. I keep trying..so fustrating!

    If I don’t get a response soon, I am leaving postoffice having been with them for over 5 years.. Poor poor customer service.

  15. Avatar Paul Dando says:

    Last night (19-20.9.13) changes were made to the PO site and since then Outlook cannot obtain mypostyoffice emails. It is impossible to contact technical support unless you call at 07:00 precisely, when they open. Web ticket and email complaints about access problems have remained unanswered since the start of the month. I spent 1 h on the telephone to Technical Support trying to resolve the problem of why iPAD Mail would no longer work. The recommended settings on the PO website did not work, neither did the variants suggested by their advisor. I was told to look at the Apple web site because the PO had no idea. Finally I found a permutation that did work by turning off SSL (according to the PO this must be ON).
    Webmail is impossible since the right-edge of messages are cut-off when using Safari and Google Chrome browsers on a Mac. I tried to get a MAC code to leave the PO but, despite being told one would be sent in 4 h, I have still not got it after more than 1 week.

  16. Avatar jJean Ridley says:

    I have seen all the above comments and would like to add mine. It is three weeks today since I have been able to send an e-mail. My inbox shows new e-mails which I can read, but I cannot reply to anything! I have written to the post office as hours spent on the telephone have produced no response. Needless to say I have not received a reply by letter from the post office. Any e-mails I try to send to them to complain are locked into a drafts folder, they can’t be forwarded to the post office themselves. They are absolutely useless. I have in my letter told them when my next bill arrives I will be deducting from it a daily amount to compensate me for this abyssmal service. Not suprisingly they are not responding. My bill is due shortly so perhaps when I refuse to pay the full amount they might actually decide to take some notice of my complaint. I won’t hold my breath!

  17. Avatar Michael says:

    Post Office Broadband A load of rubbish!
    Following the recent changes to the Post Office Broadband service at the beginning of September in their words “to provide a better service” I am no longer able to connect to the mypostoffice.com web page or able to access my email the system now fails to recognise passwords user names or my account number.
    Furthermore I have emailed the support services numerous times from a different email address with no reply and have spent hours on hold at a call centre waiting to no avail to speak to a technical adviser.
    After 20 days I am still unable to use the full services from Post Office Broadband and had no communication from customer services to rectify the problem.
    Made a report to Ofcom this morning for what good it will do!
    So wont be paying the bill and will be changing both phone and broadband from the Post Office…but who to?????????????

    1. Avatar BRIAN WHITE says:


  18. Avatar Ralph Barrett says:

    I moved house in early August, so signed up to a new Post Office Home phone and Broadband contract at the start of August. I paid a years line rental up front – a big mistake. My telephone go live date was given to me as 27-Aug-2013. This date had to be met as I work from home, and I am reliant on my phone and broadband. Nothing happened – PO Broadband did not contact me after sending me an initial letter and a DSL router. I then found out about the Talk-Talk switchover fiasco on 5th September on one of the forums. After phoning the PO broadband contracted-out support service and being ‘on hold’ for hours ON MY MOBILE!, I eventually got through to their ‘disconnections dept’ and managed to eventually cancel my contract as no service had been provided. Still not received any refund from PO Broadband yet 🙁 I signed up with Plusnet the same day and had a working (BT) phone line the following morning. Plusnet were their excellent selves 🙂 Post Office broadband seem sub-contracted out their entire operation to various 3rd parties, and seem to care little about their reputation being tarnished by extremely poor customer service.

    1. Avatar kate clarke says:

      I signed up to Post Office Homephone and Broadband 12th September and paid a years line rental same as you. I was given the date 26th September to go live. It has been nothing but a nightmare. I have been left with no active line and no services now 11 days. I have been fobbed off repeatedly and basically lied to. I tried to cancel and they told me I couldn’t, and that I was a valued customer and they would connect me in 5 working days. That is up Thursday at midnight. I just want to leave and get my money back. I have already told them they have broken the contract. It fell on deaf ears. I have done a online complaint and asked for compensation. 5 working days have passed and no reply. I have sent in my comments to Ofcom. That leaves the Ombudsman if they do not settle. I am inclined to ring them up tomorrow and demand to cancel as I truly believe my phone will not be working by the deadline. I have had to buy a mobile doggle in order to access the web.

  19. Avatar Peter Thompson says:

    I have been unable to send or receive email for the last 3 weeks.On trying to contact the PO helpline(HA HA)I was hanging on for an hour listening to some mechanical female telling me they were experiencing a high volume of calls,not surprising really.I gave up at that point but tried again,20 minutes hanging on and again 15 minutes hanging on and again today 24/9 one and a half hours hanging on.This time i thought they aren’t going to beat me and stuck it out.The “Technician” went through a lot of baloney before telling me that because i had a iMac i would have to live with it or use the PO Webpage.Now feeling totally drained because they did beat me i have made an appointment with my local Apple store to see what kind of result i get there.DEFINITELY leaving PO when my contract expires next year.Oh God will i last til then??????????

  20. Avatar Jenni Tucker says:

    I have not been able to access my emails since 1 September. I, like hundreds of other people have spent hours hanging on the phone to pre recorded messages. I have finally gained access through Webmail 2, all other hosting webmail’s have denied me access.
    I have sent 2 complaints 1 via the website and 1 written. On both occasions I requested that contact be made by telephone, contact was made by email! Clearly customer service is not high on the Post Office’s list of priorities and they have no regard for paying customers. I will be changing and will be closing all my accounts and taking my custom to someone who values my custom.

  21. Avatar Ian Latter says:

    I am another victim of Post Office Broadband’s ineptitude in upgrading its service, and neglectful approach to customer communications. Their letter said that I would be without Internet connection for around half an hour, and there might be some short disruption for the remainder of that day. I am now into my third day of no Internet connection, and as others above have noted the customer service line is totally ineffective. I left online feedback on their web site on day two (via a wifi hotspot) but have received no response other than an automated email acknowledgement. I have no idea what the problem is, how long it will take to resume service, and whether they will credit my bill for their inability to supply the contracted service. I would strongly discourage anyone from subscribing to Post Office Broadband, as there seem to be more efficient and responsive providers out there, and they are by no means the cheapest.

    1. Avatar John Gordon says:

      PO broadband have done the same in NE England in Oct. My problem would appear to be the same as yours, it was rectified by them supplying a new router. The Open Reach engineer who came said that the existing router I had would never have worked with the new updated system. I am now chasing for compensation and will claim through the small claims court if necessary.

  22. Avatar Leon Kedward-Jones says:

    I have recently moved to PO – What a mistake!
    Moved from BT getting 6.5MB – Lucky if I hit 800K now – Before connection had not received my login password so calle them – 25 mins to get through – then not received my router – another 30 mins on hold getting through – now 2 weeks after go live my BB is still sensationally slow. Trying to call them is pointless – 1 hour 43 on hold and still no answer! I can’t even get through to tell them to stick their service up their …and that I will stop the DD – WHat a joke!

  23. Avatar Daniel Robinson says:

    I too have been without my post office broadband for the past three days, unable to get through to technical support, no response to e-mail, been with post office broadband since 2008, never had a problem until now, very poor customer service.

  24. Avatar steve says:

    If I had known all the problems ,many phone call many emails letters recorded threating them with legal action and still no joy ,there try to take money from my account with out telling me first .

    Had no caller display phone number is not being with held can’t dail 141 before number. As there system will not allow this to happen .and can’t down load anti virus sofewere.

    Now told them each day I dont have above service I will not pay for that day now been since 14 Aug with out these services ,and promised refund off £10.00 and £12.30 which never seen yet .complained to offcom and think we should contact v
    BBC watch dog ,yes moving from them in Oct and I will not be paying any late fees ,as I will be sending them my final bill for all my time to send emails writing and calls to them and if there don’t pay I will take them to small claims ,

  25. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    Like all the other aggrieved PO ( that could stand for something that describes the mood of us all as well !)customers on here I have been experiencing some or all of the same problems . Sent countless e-mails ( via another e-mail client obviously, for the PO system didn’t work)a computer generated reply told me they were being passed on to an agent who would deal with it …………. eventually .Tried phoning so many times( without ever getting a reply) that I began to wonder if the entire PO customer ‘uncaring’ staff had migrated to another broadband supplier as well.I have lost all the mail that had been stored on the old PO mail server , and of course any that had arrived during the no e-mail serviced period .Tried Ofcom , no joy, they do not deal with individual complaints ( bit like the PO really ). Yesterday received a letter which started with this line ‘ We’re delighted to confirm that PO Broadband service will be upgraded ……………..’well they might be delighted ………. but I’m not . The letter was signed by someone called Michael Watson , Head of Operations ‘ so now Mr Watson is going to get an individual complaint from me , sadly there is no e-mail address for him so it will have to posted ………… using the Post Office !!Maybe if enough people write to him though he will eventually realise he has a very very dissatisfied customer base and take some action to try and prevent the expected mass exodus away from PO Broadband.

  26. Avatar Ian Latter says:

    With reference to Keith Rodger’s comments above, my letter was from Michael Winston, Head Operating Officer, Post Office Telecoms Services. I still had no Internet service when I left home this morning, and have not heard from Post Office Broadband despite my online feedback. I hope that Mr Winston takes care not to make promises his organisation cannot keep in future, and takes note of the mounting customer dissatisfaction expressed here.

    1. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

      Ian thank you for correcting me , it was as you rightly say Michael Winston.I’m just hoping that enough people will write directly to him letting him know how disgusted and disgruntled we all are with this whole fiasco. It is not just about the problems caused by the completely inept way that this so called ‘upgrade’ has been handled , it is also very much about the way the PO’s customer service & technical support staff have treated those trying to get an answer to those problems with apparent disregard & contempt. Maybe as he is billed as ‘Head’ it should be his that gets the chop first!

  27. Avatar Francine Evans says:

    I too have been mainly without e-mail & internet during September.Although I don’t use the internet for business purposes it is a lifeline for me as I am recently widowed & my only son & grandchildren live in the USA.I have become very depressed about the fact that I can’t contact them other than by phone which is rather expensive to do daily! Skype is the only way I can see & talk to them directly…I have felt so alone thanks to the Post office! A letter explaining everything would have been something…maybe they couldn’t afford the postage!

    1. Avatar Tracey cross says:

      Wow. I’m so sorry you have had to go through that and I’m hoping its sorted now.
      If its not change to bt or another provider as I promise you they will be better than this lot. Who don’t seem to care about their customers. The very people that pay their wages for goodness sake.
      I wonder how they would feel if they were in your postition.

  28. Avatar Neil says:

    If you lot still have your email address your lucky, mine no longer exists! when I rang with problems i was advised of the email address to put in and i advised this wasn’t my email to be told this is the only one associated with your account! I’ve now lost emails from the executive complaints team at NPower and no longer have a clue what is going on with my utilities billing as a result of another company moving to ‘a new system’ utter rubbish! I’m now able to access my account on line and emails but still have no answer as to what happened to my original email. poor all round

    1. Avatar Neil says:

      sorry i should have made clear i didn’t mean i could access my email I meant i could access my online account with the new email. My original email account seems to have been lost somewhere in the ether!

  29. Avatar winifredmorgan says:

    I have just started learning on my computer.I agree with everything. The switch over has set me back I am afraid to press a button as when I did get through to someone on the phone they were unable to help next time I tried to talk to someone after 25 mins I was disconnected,i have now been connected for 30mins waiting for my callto be answered.I did write to them and was sent a letter with a new password when I tried this it was not recognised I was told to call the help line,it is now 35 mins listening to we have a high volume of calls..

  30. Avatar simon stevens says:

    Only just signed up with post office, glad to know my problems aren’t exclusive to myself, my landline doesn’t work at all and so far my broadband has had minor spells of operation but not for long before it drops off or just bottoms out completely for a good 12-16 hours, I should of signed up for the 10gb package because at this rate, there really is very little reason for an unlimited one, the internet hub looked like a piece of crap the moment I layed my eyes on it and just like this company, the performance is crappy too, I only wanted to enjoy my netflix subscription but I won’t be doing that any time soon, if things don’t look up this week I’ll be heading for plusnet.

  31. Avatar Ian Latter says:

    Francine (28 Sept) that is very sad. I do hope that you get back online soon. I am now on my eighth day without Internet service, and my three online complaints have so far been ignored. I have not been able to speak to anyone on the helpline because it just leaves me waiting.

    You might wish to consider switching to another Provider. Plusnet have some special offers at present, and are ranked top in the latest Which survey, with particular accolades for their customer service. Something that Post Office Broadband clearly have no interest in.

    Good luck!

  32. Avatar ian halsted says:

    i have had a very poor experience to this change over, i have written to the post office asking to be released from the contract free of charge and my MAC but have received no reply . no email service for three weeks.i say sack the lot
    cheers ian halsted

  33. Avatar KAREN SWANN says:

    I have now been without a PO landline for nearly 4 weeks! My broadband is exceptionally slow. Have tried to call customer services but no success. I have sent email and written a letter but no answer from the PO. I have been into two post offices and staff have told me that they have received emails thanking them for the customer support while these changes are taking place but are unable to offer any advice to what is actually going on or when phonelines/broadband will be back running as normal. I now feel at a complete loss and very frustrated. I cannot believe that this has not hit the press or even Watch Dog!! It is obvious the PO is in a mess with this changeover and it has now gone on too long. I will now be definately changing my provider. Please can we have recommendations from disgruntled PO customers – who do we change to??

  34. Avatar Pensioner says:

    Broadband provided by TalkTalk and customer services by Capita – what a combination!

  35. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    I would really like to know if the way the PO has conducted itself during this whole sorry ‘upgrade’ fiasco legally constitutes a breach of contract .If so,any or all of the (estimated )500,000 PO customers that have been affected by this technological & public relations disaster can just walk away from the PO , without fear of breaking contact charges. Leaving the PO to TalkTalk to themselves !!

    1. Avatar jJean Ridley says:

      Hi Keith Rodger,

      I have have been unable to send an e-mail since mid-August. No reply when I write to them, contacted Citizens Advice who put me on to the Ombudsman. Filled in forms they sent to me and am waiting to hear back from them. You are correct in saying the post office are in breach of contract as Citizens Advice told me this. If the Ombudsman’s office cannot help I will be getting a solicitor to help as I have been a legal secretary for many years and know what this might entail. I just hope it is sorted soon for all of us who have had to put up with this appalling service from the post office.

      Regards Jerid

  36. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    I found this posted on another PO complaints site . I cannot swear to it’s authenticity , but I can think of no real reason why it shouldn’t be genuine .I’m hoping the person who posted it will not mind me reposting here , so it can reach a wider audience . If it is genuine , then it certainly sums up the crass ignorance and incompetence that the PO have shown throughout this dire episode , and also explains why we have all been experiencing these problems . Mind you I guess we all realised that the PO had adopted a policy of lets try and deal with problems when they arise , rather than lets try and make sure the problems do not arise in the first place . Here is the posting : ‘ Hello. I worked on the testing of the new Homephone and Broadband system. Get in touch if you want to know how software engineering good practice was cast into the bin and amateurs and fools drove this flawed system towards the unsuspecting public without the slightest care about them. It had absolutely no chance of working properly.
    Thomas Conner BA CITP MBCS
    Chartered Information Technology Professional

    1. Avatar W. Burn says:

      He looks pretty genuine to me. Here’s his linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/thomas-conner-ba-citp-mbcs/17/a38/937

      It’s a pity I’m not on linkedin or I would have messaged him.

  37. Avatar Reuben Holmes says:

    Firstly my sympathies to all fellow PO phone/broadband effected customers, on the 12th Sept I had £202 taken via DD from my account, the actual amount should have been around £70, I have been trying for 3 weeks to get the difference refunded as well as a bank charge of nearly £40 for an unauthorised overdraft because they (PO) took more than they should have, umpteen phone calls and hrs of waiting on the line and I am still waiting despite promise after promise ! This is a disgrace which wants taking to the very top, they deserve to lose most of their customer base after this, once I get some resolve to my issue I shall be gone !!

    1. Avatar Rebecca Linford says:

      Sounds similar to my problem. No invoices available in my account, so I have no idea how they calculated it, but they’ve overcharged me in September (it’s about £60 more than I expected). And then this week I’ve had another invoice added to my payment history for £159.81!! That’s about £100 more than expected! And it’s two months early … it should be quarterly!! So far haven’t been able to get through on the phone, and emails go unanswered. On the plus side, they had Caller Display down twice on the “Charges on my next bill” breakdown, one free and the other was £1.79. The latter has been removed, at least, so it is now correcly given as free. It’s a small plus. Very, very annoyed.

  38. Avatar Ian says:

    I too lost all email service for several days when the PO first changed over. Nobody contacted me and it was only when I rang again after several days that I was advided to change a security setting which resolved the issue – at that time. Today the email service has not only been out most of the day but my email account seens to have disappeared without trace – I can’t log on by web mail, laptop, desktop or mobile phone and despite calling several times and waiting for nearly an hour each time – no answer. What’s more I’m still waiting for a reply to an email sent to the several weeks ago asking for an explanation. Considering the business of the PO is all about communication, their service is quite appalling. Clearly insufficient (if any) testing was done prior to the changeover and it seems they could not care less about the lack of service.
    Someone senior ought to be fired!

  39. Avatar NEIL MACLEOD says:

    I have been with post office since 2009 and have never had a problem, enjoying 6-7 megs speed until mid Aug this year. Had five different BT Engineers out to check equipment and line, all five gave a report pointing the finger at my service provider. I had IP Profile of 7.15 and mid Sept I had a 2 day outage on my Internet, after it came back on my IP Profile was cut to 2 Megs with speed of only 1.95 Megs. I had no Emails for 3 days and could not get through to customer services even after waiting on phone for 2 hours. Eventually when the PO web site became active again I checked my account only to find I have been charge £35 for a router. What router?? I have not actually received any bill since 24th Aug. I have sent 3 Emails and one written letter complaining, but no response. I also raised 3 tickets for help in the past two weeks (which they are supposed to respond to in 24 hours) still no contact. This company must be in breach of contract by now, I would class this as fraud and it’s about time ofcom intervened.

  40. Avatar MICHAEL EGAN says:

    Been a customer for 5 years,had various problems ,mainly e-mails,over this period,but nothing like the present,since the beginning of September ,had nothing but frustration regarding e-mails ,at present cannot receive any,Rung customer services 3 times so far today ,each time for 15 mins,during least 4 weeks have spent over 2 and a half hours trying to get through,Appalling customer services,also I cannot understand why the Press have not got hold of this Fiasco .
    Now looking for a new Provider.

  41. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    I am somewhat bemused as to what we are expected to gain from this sad & sorry debacle . There was already in place a fairly acceptable e-mail service , that has been replace by a complete mess of of an e-mail service . In the period when this mess was being created the PO somehow managed to loose all my e-mails that had been stored on the old server , plus any hat had been sent while the ‘upgrade’ was taking place . They have never been restored to the new inbox, and I doubt they ever will. I lost some very important mail , but no one has had the courtesy to once answer my query ( I have sent six messages ) as to what happened to the lost e-mails ……………… probably because no one actually knows . The promised increase in connection speeds will perhaps bring the speed up to the 6 to 7 megs that I was told I could expect to receive when I signed up to the PO in June.In fact the actual speed has been between 3 to 4 megs , so I guess if the speed goes up to 6 then they can justifiably claim I have experienced an increase ! I left Tesco Broadband , strangely enough for the very same reason , a promised increase in connection speed ( at no extra cost as well !!)………… that resulted in on same days the speed being measured was in the hundreds of Kbps , the low hundreds at that . I have read that Bulgaria has been placed third among the world’s top Internet download speeds with its average download speeds, so perhaps we should all be looking to Sofia for our next supplier!! . Tonight my computer is running at 3.4mbps but after tomorrow and the final part of the ‘upgrade’ who knows …………… maybe 3.5 will be possible ! Or perhaps nothing at all 1

  42. Avatar E butler says:

    Joined in 2009 recommended to family and friends ……..NO Internet since start of September, sit for hours calling customers services but can not get through probably as my only request now would be for.my MAC number.

    Is there no regulator

  43. Avatar Ian Latter says:

    Hello E Butler

    You can make a complaint to Ofcom 0207 981 3000.

    Don’t expect any help though. The industry seems to suffer from ‘light touch’ regulation, which means that Ofcom has limited jurisdiction and no ‘teeth’ . I suppose the assumption is that in a competitive market people will abandon a poor service provider. The trouble is that the providers tie customers into long contracts, and in the case of Post Office Broadband don’t answer the phone or respond to online requests, preventing customers from getting their MAC codes and switching.

    It seems a rigged market in which poor service providers are protected from the consequences of their incompetence and complacency.

    I’ve been without Internet connection for 17 days now, have received no responses to any of my email, Royal Mail and online communications, and have not been able to speak to anyone on the helpline.

  44. Avatar AB says:

    This has got to be the worst service ever, after moving house I should have gone live with bb on the 27th sept. It didnt happen after hours and hours I eventually got through to be told there was a problem but they didnt know what it was, but not to worry it will be live on fri 4th oct, no still wasnt live, again I phoned, wrong dept try again, weekend cant deal with it, mon 3hrs on phone no answer, tues 1hr45min wed 8hr and yes I got through but to the sales team who transferred me to the tech team who didnt know what had happend. Should I scream, no take deep breaths I am now transferred to accounts as you shouldnt be paying for a service which is not being provided. I’ve now been put through to kerion who has appologised and phoned me back but hes spoke to the tech team and they have to reorder bb but ive got to wait until monday Deja vu. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

  45. Avatar Margaret Carney says:

    I have been onto the PO to try and find an address for someone in authority that I can write to to complain bitterly about their shoddy service. My email works intermittently and I have also tried to get through to Technical Support on 0845 600 3210 but that is nigh on impossible. I have been given an address to write a letter of complaint to as :
    Paula Vennells, Chef Executive. Post Office Limited, 148 Old Street, London EC1V 9NN
    Perhaps if someone in authority knows how their customers are being treated something concrete will be done. I am also about to ring BT to find out what they charge for Line Rental and Broadband. I know they are expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for. I have had Post Office Line Rental for about 8 years and Broadband for at least 5 years with no real problems. I don’t understand why it has all gone so horribly wrong. Don’t they realise they will lose customers in droves if this continues.

  46. Avatar Ian Latter says:

    As I have written previously about my bad experience and frustration, I wish to say that my internet connection came back a day or two ago, and has been good since then, and much faster than before the disruption. I was about 20 minutes into the long wait on the Post Office Broadband helpline when I heard the ‘new message’ alert on my tablet device. I checked, and it was indeed a new email. I checked the modem router, and for the first time in over two weeks all the lights were active.

    I remained waiting for a response to my call, as I needed to ensure that all was in order for my switch to another service provider. After a total wait of just over 40 minutes, I was at last speaking to someone. I must say that the woman I spoke to was excellent, expressed regret that I was leaving, and checked that all was in order for the switch. If they’d had a call centre full of people like her from the beginning, they’d probably be losing far fewer customers now.

    Perhaps I’ve been lucky in getting the service back, and getting through at last on the phone (previously I’d held on for up to 90 minutes without getting through). But if you’re still in limbo with your internet connection, and can phone, it might be worth persevering with the customer support line. Good luck.

  47. Avatar Marion Emery says:

    Even less user friendly than before, I am not at all happy with the new improved P.O. on line services

    For some days during the ‘upgrading of PO services’ I intermittently lost email contact. When I thought access had been reinstated, my password has not recognised and for more than two weeks I have been refused access to my email account.
    I have tried telephoning for support (made difficult by a different fault on the landline. On one occasion the operator cut me off because she obviously found it difficult to understand me over the cracking sounds on line although she must have been aware that this was the fault I was reporting. I have made several other calls and been left in a queue for 22 mins; 25mins and 12 mins. I finally resorted to contacting the technical team at 4.30 a.m. and this fault on the line has been repaired. However I am still unable to access my email account and the ‘instructions’ for resetting this service are less than useless. I have been sent new password but still this is refused. Some sites have asked for my account number tin order to proceed. I am unable to satisfy this request no matter what number I enter it is refused.

    I am SO frustrated and now isolated from groups I need to be in touch with that I have no option but to change provider. I still have bills itemising service charges. What service? IF I CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH THE P.O. TO GET A MAC NUMBER.

  48. Avatar T Tyler ex Subpostmaster says:

    Easy answer to all the previous except you’ll have to wait a little longer for sensible service. I have recently changed supplier due to the very poor service now offered by PO. Do the following-
    1 Write to PO giving notice as per your contract. If out of original contract probably 15 days
    2 Arrange a new contract with a new supplier for earliest start with a new line. BT more than happy to do so. Don’t worry about your MAC number but you will have a new telephone number
    3 Cancel your Direct Debit with PO at your bank
    4 Wait for PO to contact you. At current time spans that could be any when in the next 5 years or even longer if they stay with TalkTalk.
    I am retired so have no reason to promote BT but remember it is their exchanges and lines everybody else uses.

    1. Avatar Simon Harrington says:

      Thanks for the advice – I was getting desperate as unable to get any response from PO Homephone even to get a MAC number to switch service but as I don’t have a problem with taking a new number, have now ordered a service from BT. Ofcom should be shutting down PO Homephone with this level of dissatisfaction! Only bit of advice I would add is to keep of meticulous record of time spent/lack of service so that if PO Homephone send a bill for service not received you have a clear case to refuse payment.

    2. Avatar Tracey cross says:

      I too changed at the end of September to bt. Both myself and bt tried to contact the po for mac code. In the end bt advised I should just take a new phone number as this was going nowhere.
      I had been without the Internet for weeks. I have a son with special needs who is doing a college course online and needed the Internet for this course that I had paid over £500 for. As he missed so many online classes he was thrown off the course. I lost my £500 too.
      I’m so angry and my son is devastated. I feel like sending the bill to the po but I know that’s pointless.
      Anyway at least I’m with a company that provides a great service. I’m currently getting up to 80mbps. With the po I was lucky to reach 2mbps.
      I had been a po customer over 8 years phone and 6 years broadband. I feel cheated and let down. The hassle they have caused me and my family is unbelievable. I received a bill for over £300 a few weeks ago and I pay monthly and hardly use the phone. I don’t know how they worked that out. It has been sent back as they have breached their terms and conditions which I have read.
      I hope all those still experiencing issues find a better Internet service provider because let’s face it anyone is better than the po and talk talk.

  49. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    I had a surprise today ……. the PO phoned me !!So I kept them on hold for 45 mins , no not really .The man said they had had some e-mails from me , I said yes six altogether , he asked what the problem with my e-mail was .Given that I had explained it in all six e-mails sort of proves they didn’t actually read them .Once again I explained it . Right the man said I will get in touch with our technical department , get that problem sorted and call you back, will it take long I asked ,I wouldn’t think so he said , probably about an hour. That was about six hours ago.No problem fixed,no one called back .Is this beginning to sound like a familiar story ? Still perhaps in another six weeks I’ll get another call !!

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  50. Avatar Dan Sheppard says:

    Similar problems to the above, won’t bore you with it.

    Don’t bother with endless hours trying to get through to customer support if you have problems, do this:

    Contact their complaints department by written letter (keeping a copy), making clear it’s a “formal complaint”. State the problems you are having clearly, and that you find the service unacceptable. Be precise and include dates where possible. Then state what you want, which should be reasonable and include a number of options. This could include asking for the MAC and release from contract or a fixed date by which service will be reserved (or else cancellation). Don’t be greedy. Take a bit of a hit yourself. Be precise. State that these are your minimum terms and that if they are not or cannot be met or accepted then a deadlock will have been reached and you demand an ADR Deadlock letter. If you receive a deadlock letter take it to the Ombudsman service (you can find the address on the web), who is independent and accredited by Ofcom and isn’t nearly as incompetent as the post office. If the complaints department don’t comply, or give you a deadlock letter within 8 weeks, you can contact the ombudsman yourself directly.

    1. Avatar Dan Sheppard says:

      Oh, I should have said. Demand all future correspondence be in writing due to a breakdown in trust. This will ensure when they make a promise and fail to keep it (again!) you’ll have evidence of that.

    2. Avatar Debby smith says:

      Hi, I wrote two letters of formal complaint, the latter recorded. This was to claim £32 pounds of mobile calls to their customer support. No I didn’t get through on many occasions, and one call lasted over an hour and they still couldn’t resolve anything. They didn’t respond, as they have now moved offices. I am going to start again. To add insult to injury a refund letter for £17 was taken to the post office, the letter barcode is un scannable and the code does not work. Could have sent a cheque on the bottom of the letter, but no let’s make it as stressful and as difficult as possible. Thank god I did cancel my phone line, if this is the treatment for customers from now on.

  51. Avatar J Smith says:

    Utterly appalling service from a previously trouble free phone and broadband supplier, with a CS team always available at short notice for the past 5 years. Since September 3rd, have experienced loss of emails, internet outtages all times of day and night, I have bought new Mac computer and had to get my installer out three times at expense every time when he had been booked to install the new system. After phoning Post Office Services, found in the phone book, (an entirely different section , and going through a dozen options, they finally fast tracked me through to the head of the massive complaints awaiting replies. I was assured that a new router would be dispatched which would solve the problem, (there was no problem with the old one). After this was received and installed perfectly, exactly the same problems occurred immediately!! Waited over an hour for CS, no response, tried PO Services again, was fast tracked again to tech services (!!! what a laugh!!!!) who talked my installer through certain processes (and he knew straight away he was being kidded along!) , he was told “it takes 2 or 3 days for a new router to settle down and receive” eh? eh? What utter nonsense. Now able to access my bills page and see I have been charged £35 for the router!! no mention of this at time of sending out! Soon as they are, if ever, back online, I am LEAVING, PRONTO! Writing this in the hope it arrives , as net is on and off constantly.
    Totally and utterly disgusted that no mention of this is made in the MEDIA, usually fast at jumping on this kind of story. Just WTH is going ON??????? Noted above the address of the CEO, am writing a screed of complaint, but will I ever have a reply? No, and taking this further! If I cancel my DD, my phone service will be lost as they will happily disconnect me.

  52. Avatar David Gerrard says:

    Oh boy – well. Here we go. The exception to the rule! The odd on out. The freak of the internet world! Erm….how do I put this?………I haven’t had any problems with the PO broadband. I’ve been a customer for about 8 years, and yes, I’ve had to make a few calls to their CS dept, and complain about pissy slow speads to0 start, and me modem going tits up, , but other than that, apart from a few “late arrival” phone bills, I’ve had no problems. (can I add: “Yet”!)

    I received an email a few days ago, saying they’re updating their system, and things will be slow until sorted out, and I got a letter with my new /latest Homephone & Broadband bill, explaining about the new layout, the new billing method, and the upgrades/switchpover to their service. Mass produced letter of course!

    I was without Broadband for about 3 hours, and assumed it was the weather conditions, or a fault in my computer. I switched it off, and went out. When I came back, rebooted me ‘pooter, all 4 green lights were back on my router. (Netgear ADSL 2+) Internet back on!

    Ironically, I was with Tiscali before changing to the PO. Cos, Tiscali were then Talk Talk, and they were hopless, so I left. Too many hours spent to a call centre in India, to a guy that had no idea what I was talking about. Sod this, and changed providers: The Post Office. (I wouldn’t ever go back to BT for my phone rental)

    Enuff of this drivvel, and probably annoying you all, in that I haven’t had a problem with the change over. I can still send and receive emails (I’m with Incredimail, and the PO email is linked). The ONLY thing that annoys me with the PO, despite upping the 5GB per month limit to 10GB per month, is that when sending emails, you can’t sent over a certain size, cos they think it’s a spam mail – so that rules out sending 3 minute video clips of the kids/family etc. Hell, I can’t even send 4 full size pics totalling just over 1.3MB, cos the file is too large.

    Thats the only gruff I have with them! Sorry to “P.O” a lot of folk with the “99.9% happy customer report! (and no – I don’t work for them!)

    1. Avatar Tracey cross says:

      You’re very lucky. I’m the opposite. Nothing but trouble. 2mbps.
      Changed to bt. So happy. Should’ve changed years ago. A lot cheaper than the po too. I was paying something around £170 per quater. Now it’s £30 a month. Plus my speeds are up to 80mbps. Now I know you can’t get anywhere near that with the po.
      You’re review is the only positive review I’ve read about the po. So I hope it stays that’ way for you.

  53. Avatar nick procter says:

    i have been without a telephone for 2 months since i made the almighty error of swapping to post office home phone they are nearly impossible to contact and never get back in touch when they say they will

  54. Avatar barry conway says:

    l am a retired royal Mail Employee which is why I use the Post Office.It is a disaster to try and get hold of anybody. I have been trying for 3 days without success and frankly it is inexcusable.

  55. Avatar Karen says:

    We too were unable to send or receive emails back in September 2013 which went on for several days. We were not aware at that time of the issues surrounding the problem and feared the fault lay with our computer. All efforts to contact CS were fruitless. Eventually the P.O sent an email notifying us of the move from BT. We did not appreciate that it was to be transferred to Talk Talk of whom we have previously heard so many negative things and as such would NEVER have contemplated accepting a service connected with them. We are very annoyed that the P.O did not first consult with the customers before going ahead with such a monumental change

    Some weeks ago we received notification by post of the impending upgrade which was to be on 17th October 2013 and was told we may lose our service for half an hour on the day and the following day may result in a slower service, however, surprise, surprise the following day service went down for the whole day and did not resume until about 4pm the following day. We were unable to voice our complaint because the phone line was dead

    Yesterday morning 23 October 2013 we noticed rather unusually that we had not received our usual raft of emails from every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to sell or promote things. It soon became clear that the service was down again – No phone line, internet or email service and they remained inoperable until the following day

    This is not a service by my definition and without a doubt the P.O should be seriously taking steps to appease its customers starting by providing extra staff to cover the increased volumes of calls. This inadequate/non-existent CS is leaving customers feeling helpless, frustrated and angry which is totally unacceptable

    Sadly, any confidence or trust that we had in the P.O has diminished. We will be sending Mr Winston a letter outlining our concerns and would concur that if we want things to change we need to make our voices heard

  56. Avatar Joolz says:

    In case Ofcom is not quite aware, it looks like it is about time they are made to become so!Let’s inundate them with our experiences so the PO can get their cat together!


    1. Avatar Joolz says:

      *act, haha, not cat!

  57. Avatar Vexxed says:

    I was with Post Office until this hige fiasco kicked off.

    My internet was up and down like a yo yo on 21st October so i gave their tech support a call to find out what the crack was. The agent told me that the migration to Talk Talk’s servers had not worked for me and he needed to send it to the Provisioning team to fix.

    On the 22nd i got home from work and i have no dial tone on the landline and broadband is dead. So i call customer services and get through to some kid in Leeds. He proceeds to put me on hold while he finds out the crack. 15 minutes later he comes back (note he never once came back to me to say sorry for the wait). He tells me a tech agent is dealing with it and it will be fixed by friday 25th.

    Fair enough i think so i said to him who will refund me for having to call an 0845 number from my mobile and he said i would have to send in a copy of my bill. I advised he can see on hos lucent how long i was on the call for and i was prepared to ignore the 25 minute wait time at the start before speaking to him. You still have to send it in he says. So i ask him if he can see the number i am calling from and he says yes (you can tell by now not all his eggs are in the basket) but still he insists. So i ask to speak to his manager. He refuses and proceeds to keep talking over the top of me obviously forgetting that i am the customer but i let that slide. So i ask for his name of which he gives me. Ask for his surname and he is not obliged to give it out. Ask for his extension number and he refuses as that is for internal reasons only apparently.

    So it gets to around 19.30 and still no manager is brave enough to take the call.

    Agent advises i will get a callback at 20.15. So i let him go and await a callback. Gets to 21.05 and no callback so i call Sky sales and get them to take it over via MPF transfer.

    So here are some useful things you might like to know…

    1. They operate their Customer Services from a third party Call Centre (Google to find out who this is)
    2. Post Office provide all their services on 20CN (Ipstream / Ipstream Max)
    3. They are moving to Talk Talk as they are being forced to migrate from 20CN to 21CN by BT as part of the removal of the 20CN.
    4. For whatever reasons they chose LLU over WBC (probably a cost factor)
    5. Unless otherwise stated their contracts are 12 month terms
    6. So long as you let them know when your issue started they have 30 days to resolve it. If unresolved you can cancel with no fees both landline and broadband services
    7. Their terms and conditions make no mention of a disconnection without a MAC fee meaning you can move or cancel without suffering the standard BT engineering charge to terminate the broadband

    If you want to cause them upset remind them that it is an OFCOM requirement that a manager must speak to you within 48 hours of a request. An agent cannot refuse a manager call unless you refuse to give a reason why. That reason can be anything so long as it is mentioned on the call. Failure to get a callback or to speak to one is a direct obstruction of their internal complaints proceedure.

    Nowhere in any ISP terms does it state it is a security issue to give out a surname. It is the agents own personal decision but not wanting to is simply because they are afraid of you complaining about them. Extension numbers of lucents are not only for internal reasons and nowhere in any terms nor contact centre rules is this stated.

    This ISP used to be good. Now they are swarming with liars and faceless managers too afraid to say sorry. Ignore their head of whatever position apology given to the media. Again it is an empty apology with little or no care for the end user.

    It is all about money. The Post Office have other areas of profit and therefore the broadband sector is one they can afford to lose custom on. Get shot of them and never return.

  58. Avatar John Nunez says:

    Here is my tale of woe.

    27/09/2013 (Friday). My broadband service was down for a few hours or so, but I was expecting this as I had been sent a letter advising me that I was being upgraded on that day. Service was back again throughout the weekend.

    04/10/2013 (Monday). My broadband stopped working completely (phone is fine). The internet light on the router kept going from green to red. I phoned tech support and was told that there had been an issue with the upgrade, that my account had been flagged incorrectly as having breached a download threshold, that the issue would passed to the appropriate team to fix, and that my service should be back within 48 hrs.

    06/10/2013 (Wednesday). Still no broadband service, so I phoned again. I was told that the issue had been passed another team and that they are working on it. No ETA on resolution now, just “as soon as possible”.

    09/10/2013 (Friday). Still no broadband service so I phoned again to see if there were any consequences to my cancelling the service (I have been with the PO for over a year), was told there weren’t, so I informed them that I was cancelling; no MAC is required.

    I went to BT’s site and signed up with them, but the switchover wouldn’t be until 23rd October.

    They’re doing an offer at the moment that works out a bit cheaper than the PO for me. Everything is done online, is very easy, and there is no requirement to inform the PO as they are informed automatically. There is no visit required to my home.

    11/10/2013 (Monday). Over the next week I phoned PO tech support every other day and just got the into same loop where I was told “there is an issue, it has been passed to the appropriate team and it will be fixed soon”. At the end of the week I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that they would never resolve the issue.

    The issue was never resolved.

    On 23/10/2013 (Friday) I was switched over to BT and I now have a fully working broadband service again.


    This has been the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD. I was shocked when I was initially told that I would be without an internet connection for 48 hours, little did I know that it would end up being THREE WEEKS. I think that if I hadn’t cancelled I would probably still be without a service now.

    I phoned many times, and although I always found the staff polite and apologetic, I came away with the impression that they were totally powerless to do anything about my issue. If my experience is in any way representative of what others have gone through, then I strongly suspect that the PO upgrade has been misplanned and mismanaged to an extraordinary degree.

    I would estimate that I was KEPT WAITING for an average of FORTY-FIVE MINUTES when I phoned tech support.

    1. Avatar John Nunez says:

      Apologies, mistakes on dates. Should be 27/09(Fri), 30/09(Mon), 2/10(Wed), 4/10(Fri), 7/10(Mon), 23/10 (Wed).

  59. Avatar Ernie Ward says:

    The PO mail system does not support the full operation, in as much you need Adobe, and ipads do not support that. I have been told, officiallu, to have my account details sent by post, or use a pc. I have also received a follow-up telephone message the caller giving me the impression that they did not care if I transferred to another supplier.

  60. Avatar hilary dudley says:

    Ditto, Ditto all the comments posted about PostOffice Home Phone. I am not able to make outgoing calls – incoming ok. Have tried and tried to make contact with BT Home Phone services – sick to death of hearing Vivald or Mozart. Now that they have been taken over by talk-talk and the PO rents the phone lines from BT the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing!!

  61. Avatar J0ker says:

    Broadband updated yesterday now twice as fast! Good job PO. The email has always been rubbish never use it, Gmail or Hotmail are much better.

  62. Avatar Paul shcroft says:

    With all the technology at their disposal one would have thought in this day and age that the post office could do this switch without all this inconvenience. No doubt they’re making loads of money out of us poor suckers using their 0845 number. The post couldn’t careless about its customers WRONG ATTITUDE just like all the utilities and banks too big to fail.

  63. Avatar JanRose says:

    Utter, utter shambles since early September, same problems as everyone above, and the lack of comment in the media as a whole is scarily strange to say the least! I have FINALLY obtained my MAC code to transfer to another ISP, ONLY, I might add by the new provider seemingly having a private line to put me through to the PO to request same. They said it would be with me “soon”… I thought .hmmmm.. we’ll see! Amazingly.. an email came through from PO 4 mins later with MAC code.. seems they have given up the ghost and no longer care who goes where or when.!! after 5 years of perfect service , with no speed issues, bills issues, or lack of customer help, all has descended into UTTER CHAOS! Seriously disgusted that no one in “high places” has taken on this disgusting service provider…. JUST WHY NOT???? Need answers, fast….. :((

  64. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    After finally realising that my e-mails and countless attempted phone call ( mostly unsuccessful attempts at that) I gave up and sent the following message to the PO on the 24/10/2013. As yet no reply as been forthcoming ( surprise surprise ),so I have now resent it and will continue to do so until I make contact with intelligent & caring life at the PO ………………..I fear it could be a long wait though .

    I am writing to let you know I will be leaving the Post Office and finding another broadband supplier. I feel you have broken your contact and I should not be held to a broken contract. I was offered a months free broadband for the loss of some very important e-mails , as I was informed that the messages could not be retrieved I accepted the meagre offer. I have since found out that others have been made more generous offers , this I find completely unacceptable . Yesterday my broadband connection failed completely , after experiencing over a month of lost mail service , plus lost messages from the old server and very inconsistent and intermittent broadband connection this was the last straw. I tried to contact you all Wednesday evening , without any success of course , eventually I phoned at around 5.30 am , and finally got through. I explained the problem and will say that for once the response was precise and successful , I must have struck lucky. Although I fail to see why I could not have been informed in advance that my username & password was going to be changed , and giving details of what the new settings were and how to enter them on the router configuration page . Why did I have to wait until my broadband failed , which necessitated my having to ( try ) and contact you once again , when the Post Office knows full well that it is almost an impossibility to get through to them. When I joined in June of this year I had very high hopes that you would be so much better than my last supplier , which was Tesco , sadly that has turned out not to be so. For while Tesco were just poor , the Post Office has shown itself to be completely incapable , both technically and in the field of good and efficient customer care . In the very competitive field that broadband supply is I find it almost incredulous that the Post Office has seemed to be doing its best to drive so many customers away from them. Could you now supply me with my Mac code so that I may join that exodus .
    Keith Rodger

  65. It took me months to get rid of Talk Talk even after I had cancelled it, they would not take NO for an answer and now I find I am back with them very much against my will. Needless to say I have had nothing but trouble since, ranging from dead slow Broadband with ‘errors’ message keep appearing to the amount on my account suddenly appearing double to what I owe. I would advise anyone who thinks thy are with the Post Office to switch immediately.

  66. Avatar Wig says:

    Broadband still working OK, if a bit slow.

    No phone line since 21st October and spent hours and £’s on my PAYG mobile trying to speak to somebody (anybody!!). Fortunately my bill for the last 4 months is due Friday, so have cancelled DD and they can whistle for the money.
    I have sent an email every day , but get only an automated reply.
    Did finally speak to an engineer last Friday(arranged by my local PO shop manager!!!) and was promised repair to line within 72 hours.Am still waiting.

  67. Avatar Simon Harrington says:

    Feeling great tonight as I finally managed to get a response after only a few minutes on the ‘If you are thinking of leaving us’ option on 0845 600 3210. Immediately cancelled my Homephone and Broadband Service using the 15 days notice that applies after 12 months. Such a relief after hours and hours spent trying to get through and numerous letters/emails. My recommendation is to find another company and ditch this excuse for a Telephone/Internet service provider if only for your sanity!

  68. Avatar M McEvoy says:

    In September I received a letter from the Post Office that my Broadband package was to be “upgraded” on October 15th. When the date duly arrived I was only aware the upgrade had taken place because both my phone and broadband stopped working. During numerous calls to the Post Office helpline (using a PAYG mobile), I was given all sorts of conflicting advice, ranging from, “your phone is broken” to “open the junction box with a screwdriver”. After three weeks of no service, no admission of responsibility from the PO, nor even an offer to look into the problem, I have switched to another provider. I did not want to leave the Post Office – I had a reasonably cheap and trouble-free service from them for over five years, but this move to Talk Talk appears to have destroyed their customer service ethos, and their network.

    No doubt the Tories are responsible – because the PO is still a public service and they wish to destroy it before selling it off as cheaply as possible, like Royal Mail.

  69. Avatar pensioner says:

    Just had PO homephone bill – a month late, after trying to view online or contact PO by phone without success. Of course PO has added an extra month’s charges (now 4 months, not 3)and moved all future quarterly charges to a month later. No information that this would be done. So much for budgeting. What a shambles.

  70. Avatar Keith Rodger says:

    I also received my PO bill today , quite a nasty shock , considering only a couple of days ago they sent me another bill , that one said I was in credit with nothing to pay . This one said something quite different …….. to the tune of £112 to pay !!Of course as we pay in advance for the PO’s wonderful non service I actually paid for my mail & internet problems before they started !!Oh for the gift of foresight.Then I could have withheld payment in July in the knowledge of the debacle that was to start in September.How can they justify charging full payment for a completely disrupted service which comes no where near to complying with the one offered by the PO when I signed up. I must admit I had to smile when I saw my itemized bill, guess which number came top of my most dialled list …….. 0845 600 3210 …. does anyone recognise that number ? Pay them indeed …. refund me more likely !

  71. Avatar Mary Nash says:

    SHAMBOLIC and NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE is my description of Homephone/Broadband.Have been a fairly satisfied customer of theirs for some years but all has changed, i have been without properly functioning broadband (it keeps dropping out) and cant view online bills etc since mid September, have spent countless hours trying to get through by phone to technical support,customer care,have only ever had one update from them out of the many promised, have had a new modem,eventually a visit from openreach but problem still there so more time/inconvenience spent on phone verbally complaining, the outcome was that homephone informed me openreach would be visiting to rectify the problem next day and i would be updated but some days on i am still waiting for this visit and update. Like others have commentated i feel disregarded/repeatedly fobbed off by this disgraceful so called customer care/technichal support and am not prepared to endure much more so am planning on changing providers asap.

  72. Avatar Bazz says:

    I have just spent nearly THREE HOURS on the phone waiting to get through to Customer Support! Still haven’t got through! All I want is a simple answer to a simple question, but unfortunately, the answer isn’t covered anywhere on their site. They have messed up my phone options and I need it sorted urgently. As soon as they have done it, I’m off to look for another ISP! Utter disgraceful service!

  73. Avatar june says:

    The saying is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” so why did the Post Office ruin a system that seems to have suited their customers for many years? I shall be looking for another ISP soon.

  74. Avatar Lesley Hastings says:

    I too have had nothing but problems since Post Office broadband was upgraded back in September. I have tried to contact the help line by phone and email – no reply on both counts.
    I’m sick of listening to the terrible music on the phone and wasting my time holding on for hours. The billing system is c**p, since the changeover and this week I found they had taken a direct debit payment from my account, which was approx. 3 times the monthly amount I would normally have paid. I disputed this amount and it was returned to my account by my bank’s cashier!!!
    I’m also unable to read any emails I receive in full, unable to scroll back to the beginning or left to right. What use is that?
    Has anyone a miracle solution!

  75. Avatar Lynda Norton says:

    No home phone service here, a week of trying customer service – 3 complaints gone off today, but looks like that is pointless by reading above. All my family are with post office too so we can call each other for free, so I go they go. Post Office are about to loose a further 6 customers.

  76. Avatar Tony Brady says:

    The worst aspect of this disgraceful customer treatment, was the fact that the PO took on a a huge number of customers from another provider and conveniently subjected its committed customers to to a change in treatment: the incoming customers from the other provider were not inconvenienced in the slightest, as their provision stayed as it was. This is the most cynical exploitation of existing customers and in my view is unforgivable. As soon as my present arrangement with the PO is due for renewal I intend to leave it and sign up with an alternative provider.

  77. Avatar barry quinn says:

    Could you please tell me why I have been charged double the amount for my november bill seems everybodys account seems to be in caos people cant afford to be paying these overchargsd bills sick of trying to get you on the phone somebody needs to do their job right pull your finger out post office hope you will pay my bank charges if I get overdrawn thinking of leaving post office can get the same service from bt talk talk

  78. Avatar Petrus Barba says:

    Our internet connection failed last Monday morning. I subsequently spent hours on the end of the phone running us a sizable bill, trying to get through to customer services, including the middle of the night! Eventually, I did get through towards the end of the week, and spoke to someone whose accent I could barely comprehend. To be fair, this person rang me back the following day (albeit two hours late), and was able to sort out my problem. I was contemplating moving our phone line rental to Post Office before this debacle, but now I’m not so sure.

  79. Avatar Maureen Breeze says:

    We have been without phone or broadband for 5 weeks. We know there is a line fault which is exacerbated by our utter frustration with the Post Office Customer Support who are virtually impossible to get through to and appear completely dysfunctional. I am sitting at a friends now having been waiting 55 mins and still no response. I am sending them an email a day and no one gets back to me. I spent 6 hours one day recently on hands free waiting for a response. The Post Office have done nothing – not put a message on our line saying there is a fault, nor redirected our calls to a mobile as we have asked and are not suggesting we will be compensated for the lack of service. We have no idea what is going on and in the meantime, each day passes without any knowledge of what is happening. It has gone on long enough. Anyone reading this who is thinking about switching to the Post Office take my advice and DON’T.

  80. Avatar Kevin D says:

    Yet another unhappy soon-to-be ex customer of the PO. Went live on 8th Nov 2013 and will be moving to another provider in the first few days of December 2013 – barely a month in.

    When placing the PO order, I expressly asked if my service would be piggy-backing anyone else and was told it was BT. AFTER the order was placed, I subsequently learnt the broadband was being piggy-backed on Talk Talk. I would never have signed up if I had been informed of this.

    Subsequently, I was unable to access the online account and no one appeared to have a clue why I couldn’t send outgoing emails via POP3 email client (Thunderbird) – server details input as directed. This morning (21st Nov), I was shunted between 6 different people, none of whom could offer any positive “get up and go” nor were prepared to take any responsibility for trying to rectify the problems – all of which had been previously raised and, according to an email reply, already rectified (untrue). Based on my experience, I have difficulty in believing PO Telecoms has the technical knowhow to support two tin cans and a piece of string.

    Shocking customer service; next to non-existent support. I understand that Crapita are now providing (loose usage of language) some customer services for the PO. If so, that would explain so much.

    My 7th telephone contact of the day was in response to an email threatening to enforce early termination charges. I made it clear I wouldn’t pay anything other than a pro-rata payment for the length of “service” and the Direct Debit in place would be cancelled. I made lots of noises about being misled (re Talk Talk) and the product/support not being fit for purpose. In the end, a full & final settlement fee was agreed (not much more than a month in total) and the early termination fee has, so I am told, been rescinded – I shall be checking my bank account first thing tomorrow. If necessary, I won’t hesitate to sue if any such payment has been taken.

    As other posters have indicated, just awful – every bit as bad as Talk Talk with whom I have had two previous “encounters”. I can’t think of a single reason to even think of suggesting the PO as a telecoms services provider in any circumstances. AVOID. AVOID.

  81. Avatar Thomas Johnson says:

    I have been having problems tor some time mainly getting my E mails.
    Once again today my password was not recognised But they gave me a chance to create a new one, I did and it worked. Hooray!
    I looked something else so had to book in again, guess what, it didn’t know my password.
    Their very clever answer was ” they will give me a new one, IN MY E-MAIL”

  82. Avatar Keith Roberts says:

    I keep losing connection with my p&o broadband for the last two weeks and am unable to get to talk to someone about it despite numerous calls to customer service I keep getting the same annoying recorded voice saying due to a high number of calls your wait maybe longer than usual, you are in a queue etc. and 30 minutes later still no answer.
    I have now signed up with another provider and po texted me today and said sorry you are leaving us, if you reconsider please phone.
    Wait for it. Customer Service.

  83. Avatar sam c. says:

    I’d been a Post Office Home Phone & Broadband Customer since 2008 and had no problems with my service until January 2013 when the land line side of the service wasn’t working (i.e. no dialing or ring tones). Fast forward August Bank Holiday (2013) and without warning, both the landline and broadband were not working. Having been assured that my “broadband would be up and running within 2 hours”, 3 weeks later, ringing up from mobiles or other landlines (including the post offices’ own phones) at 7am, 8am 10am thru to 10pm waiting on calls for up to *2 HOURS* and 37 PEOPLE LATER, I had found out that somebody had cancelled my old account, tried to set up a new one without my prior knowledge and still no connection, but was fobbed off with “engineers checking my line”. I was promised free line rental and 3 months free broadband for my troubles which I never got in the end.

    Given the seriously appalling customer service and the lies being told by various operatives (some of whom were extremely new on the job)I swore that I would never use them again, nor recommend them to anybody else as I had done in the past. I have since received a final bill showing that I am in credit and am looking to somehow get this reimbursed.

    Just out of curiosity, I decided to look online in order to see what the current situation was regarding this service, and I am not surprised in the least to see that contrary to what the company are saying, *many* people are still having problems. In my opinion, and sadly all I have to say is do yourselves a favor, do not be swayed by the cheap prices on offer… that is their trap. “STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM POST OFFICE HOME PHONE AND TALK TALK”

  84. Avatar J Ritchie says:

    The Post Office customer services are still lacking.They blamed it on the switch over but i have called up several times due to problems with my account and the broadband being very slow.

    I had to wait on the phone for a while when calling and was put through to wrong depts on several occasion.Was asked for my details twice by the same person within the space of 20 seconds.

    When i asked to make a complaint or talk to a manager, was told that they dont take complaints about broadband via the phone.

    The managers wasnt available when i called on 2 occasion, to complain about my phone account. You have to wait till they call you back. How long do you have to wait, i aksed. It is within 24 hours. It is not good enough.It seams to be the managers of the company that is the problem with the Post Office. Ingraned bad practive and not being open about things. They are not interested in sorting out the problems with customer service as there isnt any monetry gain for them.they computer systems sounds to be a problem aswell.

  85. Avatar J Ritchie says:

    I called up in the past few days. So had nothing to do with the switch over.

  86. Avatar Roger says:

    All these customers complaining there service they have never been any good incompetence is a word that does not do them justice.I have been with them for years the only reason I stay with is when I usauly complain I get some sort of compensation .
    And now when you get your bills 4 months worth great just before Christmas.I bet they did not wait 4 months for wages .

  87. Avatar W. Burn says:

    Having read all the comments on this thread I find myself in total agreement with all the other angry Post Office customers. I have taken up the suggestion by Margaret Carney above – thank you for the address Margaret – and have written a letter of complaint to Paula Vennells. It was sent today by first class post, recorded delivery. I suggest that everyone else does this and flood her mailbox with letters of complaint. It will probably do no good at all but at least I have it all off my chest and have let Ms Vennells know exactly what I think of their so called ‘upgrade’. Here is a copy of that letter in full and I will post any reply I receive as a reply to my comment here. Please feel free to use or quote any part of this.

    Paula Vennells
    Chief Executive
    Post Office Ltd
    148 Old Street
    EC1V 9NN

    Dear Mrs Vennells,

    I am writing to you on behalf of my Mother, who is the account holder – customer reference number: **** ****, address as above.

    Back in September of this year I had a reliable, stable internet connection which ran at approximately 5Mbps. Since then however, I have had nothing resembling a reliable connection. I rang customer services when the problems started and I was told by tech support that the account was in migration and everything would be fine in 5 days. It wasn’t, it was worse. So I rang customer services again and they said they would send me a new wireless router. I asked if there would be a charge for this and I was told there would be no charge. Though when the bill arrived, there was a charge on there of £29.16 (excluding VAT) for the so called ‘free’ router. Did this solve the problems? No, again, it got worse. I rang customer services again on the 4th of November and tech support told me that the account was in migration. I said I’d been told this weeks ago. The tech support person then said that the account had been in jeopardy and it was now in migration again. I asked “What’s jeopardy?”

    He replied, and I quote verbatim “It’s er, it’s like migration.”


    Was I put through to tech support or the Mars Hilton, because I might as well have been talking to a Martian. Tell me, are your employees so lacking in their command of the English language that they can’t define a word or explain a technical term? Or do you train them to be deliberately obfuscatory? Is this customer service or customer confusion?

    I didn’t ask again as I saw no point. He did tell me that the account would be fine on the 15th November. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t. Can I believe anything your employees tell me? After three strikes, I think not.

    I am still being disconnected at random. What’s more, when this happens and I’m reconnected, I have to close down and re-open my browser. This is because even when I’m connected again I can’t go back to the URL I was looking at when I was disconnected because all I get is a zyxcel page telling me that I have no internet connection, when I have got one. I am a small business owner who relies on an internet connection to order specialised tools and materials. Do you know what it’s like to get to the checkout, be disconnected and have to close and re-open your browser to start all over again, not just once but 4 or 5 times? This interference with my working life is totally unacceptable. And then you bill the account for the privilege of having your company trash my internet connection for weeks on end.

    As I stated earlier, My mother is the account holder for the phone and broadband package with the Post Office so any decisions regarding the account are hers, not mine. If it was up to me I would have refused to pay a single penny on the last bill as I regard your company as being in breach of contract i.e. failing to provide an internet connection ‘to a reasonable level of expectation ’, as the legal people and English contract law would say. But it wasn’t my decision to make. My Mother paid the bill – ‘free router’ and all – because she simply couldn’t stand the grief and aggravation of contesting it in court and probably having her phone disconnected by you while the matter is settled in court. Perhaps I should expand this by telling you that she is 81 years old and currently undergoing physiotherapy following a fall down the stairs and a three week stay in hospital earlier this year. But I am authorised by her to tell you that no further bills will be paid on this account until you fix the problem that you created.

    And while we’re on the subject of the bill, I can no longer access the account online as the username and password for the account – given to us by the Post Office – are no longer recognised. Has the username and password been changed without the account holder being informed? Please explain.

    We have had a trouble free 5 years with the Post Office but since your so called ‘upgrade’ I have had nothing but problems regarding internet service. Which brings me to my final point. Why didn’t you tell your customers that you were transferring your internet service to TalkTalk? Or were you afraid of the mass exodus by ex TalkTalk customers? Why did I have to find out via the comments section of an internet article? If I had wanted them as my ISP I would have signed up to them. But, having been a customer of theirs in the past, I purposefully avoided them as they couldn’t even spell the words ‘customer service’. Yet you see fit to put me back into their clutches without even telling me. I regard this ‘back-door’ move to TalkTalk as subterfuge, deception and total contempt for your customers. Why you choose to deal with this disreputable company I really don’t know. Or weren’t you aware of their history? From ‘telephone slamming’ to ‘data pimping’ to ‘URL interception’ this company has courted controversy and illegality throughout it’s relatively short existence; and are no strangers to Ofcom, the Advertising Standards Authority or the BBC’s Watchdog.

    Well I’m not prepared to deal with them at all. Right now I’m extremely busy workwise and the festive season is around the corner so I don’t wish to mess about changing ISP’s until the new year comes in. But rest assured, the next time I contact customer services it will be to ask for my MAC code and say goodbye. This is a shame, but if all the above is the shape of things to come with TalkTalk then I want no part of it. Neither do I want to deal with a company like yourselves who hold their customers in such contempt. Congratulations on trashing a decent company like the Post Office used to be. I would of course love to hear your thoughts on all of this but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    Yours Sincerely

    W. Burn

  88. Avatar JohnD says:

    I have had the same problems as others and as many have alluded to I also tried in vain for many hours to contact the Post Office Support Team on the 23rd of October when my problems with my phone line began. I eventually tried their cancellations Department and was told to ” Go and get my SH**E ”. I immediately made a complaint both by email from a non-post office account and my mobile phone. Not surprisingly I heard absolutely nothing, so on the 18th of November I sent an email informing them that I was leaving their network and suddenly I got a call from some pen-pusher informing me he was going to investigate my complaint. I explained that it shouldn’t be too hard to find out who was responsible as they claim to record calls and he agreed but as of yet I have heard nothing.

    The Post office were a decent and reliable service if not particularly fast but as least they were quite dependable but that has drastically changed. I left Talktalk to get away from their atrocious service and suddenly through no desire of my own found that I was back with them. The pathetic quality of their BB was and as I have experienced recently still abysmal.

  89. Avatar RH says:

    Ex-Post Office customer here. I actually jumped ship back in May, long before the changeover was due to take place.

    I never received a final bill, but a few months later, a letter arrived informing me that my account was overdue, and requesting that I contact the Post Office immediately – which I attempted to do. Phone lines were jammed, so I sent a couple of emails, neither of which received a response.

    And this morning, a letter arrived from a debt collector, stating that my account had been passed on and had incurred an admin fee of £18. £18 to send a letter? Nice work if you can get it.

    Do I owe the Post Office? No I don’t. The fact is that before I left their service, I was told by a customer service rep that my account was up to date and that I should cancel the Direct Debit before the end of the month, and so that’s what I did.

    There’s no-one at the debt collectors today, so I’ve left a message detailing the above facts and informing them that they can either take me to court or leave me alone.

    What I forgot to mention was that my broadband service was actually cancelled before the end of the contract, and that when informed a customer service rep, I was told firstly that this was because my new ISP had messed up the line (not true) and secondly that if I needed the Internet, there were public libraries and suchlike available.

    i think I deserve a medal for not telling the smug sounding muppet exactly what I thought of him.

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    Gift: None
  • xln telecom £22.74 (*47.94)
    Speed 66Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Vodafone £22.95
    Speed 35Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
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Cheapest Ultrafast ISPs
  • Vodafone £26.00
    Speed: 100Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Virgin Media £27.99 (*51.00)
    Speed: 108Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Hyperoptic £29.00 (*35.00)
    Speed: 150Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: Promo Code: HYPER21
  • TalkTalk £32.00 (*39.95)
    Speed: 145Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Giganet £35.00
    Speed: 200Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
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