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31st Jul 2018 (9 Comments)

The Community Fibre Partnerships scheme from Openreach (BT), which offers grants worth up to £30K to help co-fund the cost of upgrading a digitally isolated community to receive their FTTC or FTTP based superfast broadband ISP network, has now passed around 80,000 UK premises via 600 communities.

contract notification letter example

31st Jul 2018 (41 Comments)

The national UK telecoms regulator has today proposed new rules that will require phone / broadband ISPs, Pay TV and Mobile operators to inform customers when they approach the end of their minimum contract term, which might also help to encourage more switching within the market and save consumers money.

quickline fixed wireless broadband 2017

31st Jul 2018 (0 Comments)

Fixed wireless UK ISP Quickline (Bigblu Broadband) has put in a new planning application to install equipment on top of the Church of St Helen in the rural parish of West Keal (Lincolnshire), which could result in around 370 premises within a 10 mile radius gaining access to superfast broadband (30Mbps+) speeds.

labour political party uk

31st Jul 2018 (27 Comments)

Reports claim that the UK Labour Party has committed to invest £1.6bn in order to ensure that 100% of premises can access a minimum broadband speed of 30Mbps from supporting ISPs within 4 years, which is a step up from the current plan for a 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO).


31st Jul 2018 (45 Comments)

Fibre optic network builder Cityfibre has today launched the Coppersaurus campaign, which aims to draw attention to the UK’s “prehistoric broadband” and support their court case to end “misleading” uses of “fibre” terminology in ISP adverts (i.e. when it’s used to describe slower hybrid copper and fibre connections).

openreach demo fttp in mayfair london

30th Jul 2018 (9 Comments)

The London Borough of Bexley has welcomed a new partnership agreement between its street works team and Openreach (BT), which looks set to see 25,000 homes around Crayford and Erith being upgraded to ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP technology during 2018/19.

gigaclear street cabinet ftth

30th Jul 2018 (10 Comments)

The Essex County Council (ECC) has awarded a second £3.1 million contract in their Phase 4a Superfast Essex programme to Gigaclear, which will see the ISP extend their 1Gbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based broadband network to cover an extra 2,100 rural homes and businesses in the Epping Forest District.

three uk mobile broadband

30th Jul 2018 (7 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has warned about a wave of mobile phone-based scams, which is seeing fraudsters use “new tricks” to fuel Smishing (SMS Phishing) and Wangiri (one ring and cut) style scams that aim to steal personal information from customers across all major Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

rural british village uk broadband

30th Jul 2018 (13 Comments)

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is currently said to be working on a new ‘Village Survival Guide‘, which comes after the charity surveyed 3,000 people in rural parts of the United Kingdom and found that better broadband and mobile (4G) coverage was one of three changes that such communities desperately need.

house for sale with slow broadband warning sign

30th Jul 2018 (18 Comments)

The purchase of a new home is the biggest investment that most people will ever make and getting a good broadband speed forms part of that decision making process. The latest ISPreview.co.uk poll of 2,046 readers has found that 54.7% would reject an ideal house if it couldn’t deliver their desired speed and a third seek 100Mbps+.

Virgin Media 2014 UK Logo

27th Jul 2018 (20 Comments)

Cable TV and broadband operator Virgin Media UK is facing somewhat of a double kick in the balls this week. After failing to reach a deal to keep the popular UKTV channels (here), it’s now emerged that ITV are allegedly also threatening to pull their channels from the platform (possibly as early as this weekend).

sky broadband uk logo 2017

27th Jul 2018 (11 Comments)

Until next week ISP Sky Broadband has removed the £50 activation fee from their FTTC (VDSL2) based 36Mbps Sky Fibre Unlimited and 63Mbps Sky Fibre Max broadband and phone bundles. On top of that they’ve also reduced the monthly price of their standard 11Mbps Sky Unlimited package to £18.

bt tower 624px

27th Jul 2018 (20 Comments)

BT has published their latest results to the end of June (Q1 2018/19 financial), which report that the coverage of Openreach’s “ultrafast broadband” (100Mbps+ via FTTP and G.fast) network has reached 1.7 million UK premises. But sadly they’ve begun hiding their retail ISP customer figures.

shetland lerwick harbour

27th Jul 2018 (4 Comments)

The remote Shetland Islands Council appears to be gearing up for a second attempt at bidding for money from the Government’s £190m Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) fund, which if successful could be used to extend a new Gigabit “full fibre” (FTTP etc.) network to cater for the proposed space launch site.


26th Jul 2018 (12 Comments)

The UK Government’s Rural Development Programme for England has today committed an extra £45m to their existing Rural Broadband Infrastructure Scheme (RBIS), which is intended to help rural businesses and communities to build new 30Mbps+ capable superfast broadband ISP networks in poorly served areas.

openreach 2017 female back engineer

26th Jul 2018 (24 Comments)

Telecoms giant Openreach (BT) has just published their first ever Annual Review 2017/18, which charts both their national network deployment progress and the many internal changes they’ve had to make over the past 12 months (mostly as a result of regulatory changes from Ofcom and the Government).

community fibre engineer and pickaxe

26th Jul 2018 (0 Comments)

The City of London Corporation have announced that their new deal with UK ISPs Community Fibre, Hyperoptic and Vision Fibre Media has just resulted in two social housing estates (‘Avondale Square’ and ‘Southwark’) being upgraded to deliver a 1Gbps capable FTTH broadband network. Many more will follow.

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