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ISP News Archives for May 2019

gfast openreach sidepod install

31st May 2019 (56 Comments)

Openreach (BT) is slowly progressing with a future upgrade of their hybrid-fibre G.fast broadband technology, which could enable the service to harness some of the existing radio spectrum frequency being used by VDSL2 based Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) lines. Early tests show a possible boost to speed and coverage.

cityfibre urban fibre optic rollout

30th May 2019 (8 Comments)

Cityfibre has confirmed that their new Gigabit capable “full fibre” (FTTP / Ethernet) network, which was first announced all the way back in October 2017 (here), is finally going live in the town of Cheltenham (Gloucestershire, England) and should cover over 200 businesses via local ISP partner Bamboo.

plume wifi pods

30th May 2019 (13 Comments)

Cable operator Virgin Media UK has announced that “selected customers” of their broadband ISP and TV network will be able to sign-up to an exclusive offer for Plume‘s smart home services bundle (separate to their current VM subscription), which will enable them to receive the AI and Cloud powered WiFi boosting kit.

virgin media high resolution

30th May 2019 (0 Comments)

Cable broadband and TV operator Virgin Media has today appointed Seamus McCorry to be the Regional Director for its on-going Project Lightning network expansion programme in Northern Ireland. The network currently covers more than 320,000 premises in the region and reaches 98% of Belfast (where it has an office of 100 people).

router home broadband hardware

30th May 2019 (16 Comments)

A new survey of 2,115 UK homeowners has claimed that 62% of respondents would be willing to increase the value of an offer on a house if it was “guaranteed” to deliver “superfast broadband” ISP speeds and 25% of those would increase their offer by £3000-£5000, while 10% said they’d go over £5,000.

money lock

30th May 2019 (2 Comments)

The Citizens Advice agency has accused Ofcom of allowing UK phone and broadband providers to “overcharge” consumers to the tune of £100m between 2014 and 2018 due to “errors” they allegedly made when setting price controls on network operators. The charity now wants to see ISPs being forced to refund it.


30th May 2019 (15 Comments)

City focused FTTP/B broadband ISP Hyperoptic, which claims to cover 500,000 UK premises and aims to reach 2 million by 2021 (ambition for 5 million by 2024), will later today launch a new promotion that discounts the cost of their packages even further for the first 12 months of service.

house uk pounds subsidy

30th May 2019 (8 Comments)

A new piece of research from WiredScore and the HomeOwners Alliance has claimed that British homeowners and renters are having to pay out £2.2 billion each year in “unnecessary” mobile data (3G / 4G) fees because they suffer from “poor internet” connectivity at home.

farmer rural broadband and mobile uk

29th May 2019 (9 Comments)

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) has launched a “short” inquiry that aims to examine the remaining problems with gaining access to superfast broadband ISP connectivity, mobile signals and accessing digital-only services in remote rural parts of the United Kingdom.

vodafone cityfibre micro trench ftth

29th May 2019 (0 Comments)

A new report from the Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) and Point Topic has estimated that alternative “full fibre” (FTTP/B) broadband ISPs grew their coverage by 30% in 2018, reaching 1,298,185 UK premises. Related providers are now forecast to reach 3.38m premises by the end of 2020 and 15.96m by 2025.

wireless masts towers and networking

29th May 2019 (2 Comments)

The latest 2019 State of Mobile Network report from Opensignal has ranked the United Kingdom 27th out of 87 countries in the world for its average Mobile Broadband (3G / 4G) download speed (21.7Mbps), as well as 30th for upload speeds (7.4Mbps), 29th for latency times (46ms) and 26th for 4G network availability (84.7%).

openreach fttp benacre estate

28th May 2019 (4 Comments)

Residents living on the country Benacre Estate in Suffolk (England), which spans about 7,700 acres and includes nearly 100 homes, can now access Openreach’s (BT) Gigabit capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network after local farmers mucked in to help the build.


28th May 2019 (15 Comments)

A long-running dispute over wayleave agreements between the Lancashire County Council and “full fibre” UK ISP B4RN has finally been resolved, which means that the operator will be able to connect up several rural schools to 1Gbps FTTH broadband and extend their network to nearby premises at the same time.

network and internet connections

28th May 2019 (0 Comments)

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL), which alongside Virgin Media Business helps to supply broadband connectivity to around 3,000 schools (over 1.2 million children) in the UK’s capital, has signed an expanded deal with the cable operator that will deliver connection speeds of up to 1000Mbps and often “at no additional cost.”


28th May 2019 (23 Comments)

Several credible sources have informed ISPreview.co.uk that cable ISP Virgin Media’s future “Gigabit Cities” rollout, which will mark their first major UK activation of the new DOCSIS 3.1 network upgrade, seems likely to be expanded with 3-5 UK cities now in the frame for launch around 2019/20.


26th May 2019 (24 Comments)

How about this for a little taste of the future. Residents moving into the new The Stratford (Manhattan Loft Gardens) skyscraper in London, which overlooks the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, will soon become some of the first in the UK to access a 10Gbps home broadband connection via a new Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) service.

broken uk internet connection and running man

25th May 2019 (37 Comments)

Concerns are growing that many consumers, broadband ISPs and mobile operators in the United Kingdom could be impacted much more severely than first thought after the President of the USA, Donald J. Trump, signed an executive order to “prohibit transactions posing an unacceptable risk to the national security of the USA.”

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