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Vodafone UK’s Speed Guarantee Vanishes from Broadband UPDATE

Friday, July 3rd, 2020 (7:54 am) - Score 8,472
Vodafone UK 2016

Fixed home broadband customers of UK ISP Vodafone have been quick to spot today that the provider’s “Ultimate Speed Guarantee” (primarily focused on their “superfastFTTC packages) has suddenly vanished from the operator’s website. The feature gives a discount when the connection goes too slow.

The speed guarantee was first launched in February 2018 (here). Back then it promised customers would benefit from a guaranteed minimum download speed (i.e. “sync speeds” to the router, not over WiFi etc.) of 25Mbps on the Superfast 1 (35Mbps average download) package or 55Mbps on Superfast 2 (63Mbps average download), but if they didn’t receive this then a 15% discount would be applied (once per month) until the issue was fixed.

Despite briefly running afoul of some advertising rules (here), the offer was an attractive part of Vodafone’s promotion and until this week it was still being mentioned on their website. Unfortunately their speed guarantee page suddenly vanished toward the end of this week and the feature is also no longer mentioned on their packages.

At the time of writing we are currently waiting for Vodafone to clarify why the feature has been removed, although ISPreview.co.uk understands that existing customers should still be eligible for this over at least the next month, although it’s unclear how long that will last. Meanwhile it’s obviously no longer available for any new subscribers. We will update again later once the operator has responded.

UPDATE 1:36pm

A spokesperson for Vodafone has informed ISPreview.co.uk that “we aren’t removing the guarantee – it’s absolutely still part of the proposition“, even though they don’t seem to be publishing that fact to new customers right now. Apparently the provider is instead working to simplify their marketing, but in practice we aren’t yet sure exactly what the result of that will be.

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13 Responses
  1. Avatar VFBB

    The more FTTC connections per cab, the more crosstalk = slower speeds potentially?
    This slowdown can affect any customer on any provider though?

    Also noted the price has increased slightly (£2) on VF Superfast 2
    AND the minimum term (for any package) is no longer 18 months, but now a 24 month contract.

    Anyone aware if Voda will launch FTTP over OpenReach anytime soon? Thanks!

    • Yes I’ve mentioned the 24 month terms before. As for OR FTTP, I can tell you we know some staff that are on it at Vodafone and it may be possible to say more in the next few weeks, but they’re being a bit coy with the launch plans.

    • Avatar RR

      Their Cityfibre/Gigafast prices have gone up a bit also, top 900Mb upto £52 from £48, which is itself up from a low of £40 at one point this year (exc any apple tv packages).

  2. Avatar MAX

    OR should put dsl checker online what are the minimum speed (when cabinet are full capacity) on clean A


    My min guaranteed 35m d/l since Nov 2018 went to <10m at times recently. When I spoke to customer services I just got the predictable guff about "unprecedented circumstances". Pointless changing ISP ' cas I'm sure no better with the rest of them. Just another case of worthless promises broken, followed by " so what ".

  4. Avatar Dave Scott

    I am so looking forward to City Fibre or Openreach coming to Fife in near future. Because Full Fibre FTTP you don’t get crosstalk no interference what so ever.

    • Avatar Jordan

      Yeah i see openreach building FTTP in my area so im happy, i checked on they website to which is says FTTP 1gb coming to your area!

  5. Avatar dave

    I got Vodafone broadband (the business variant) installed recently.

    Because I wanted the router in an upstairs room, out of necessity I replaced the short DSL cable (labelled “Internet”) with a 30m cable.

    I was quite surprised to see download speeds increase by 5Mbps and upload (the attainable rate, because I was already close to the 20Mbps maximum) by about the same. In fact, I did notice a similar effect when I did the same with my BT broadband router, however the improvement there was more like 1Mbps.

    If you have Vodafone broadband and want a few more Mbps, try replacing the included DSL cable with something of better quality.

  6. Avatar Jax

    I’m benefitting from the discount but TBH would prefer to be getting the correct speed and have no streaming buffering. I believe I’m entitiled to change ISP as it’s been at least two months now, but shall wait & see.

  7. Avatar Buggerlugz

    “it’s absolutely still part of the proposition.” Don’t exactly fill you with confidence does it?

  8. Avatar Aleksandr Metslov

    Hmm. Could it be a consequence of checking – if majority of contacts are at the beginning and therefore guaranteed to stay with Vodafone and later on, when majority of contacts end, Vodafone will likely advertise guaranteed speeds again to attract more customers?

  9. Avatar Philip Cheeseman

    I got it when I signed up on Thursday. Only reason I picked Vodafone as my line is supposed to be up to 36 but I’ve only seen 20 with EE which is just above the minimum for handback. At least then I’m paying less for a lesser service and Vodafone might try and fix it…

  10. Avatar Rob

    What a load of crap. Our connection is slow all the time, but apparently it’s measured on line quality, even if I am only get 3Mbps. Don’t trust anything they say.

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