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1pMobile UK Introduces Minimum Monthly Spend Requirement

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 (7:37 am) - Score 11,208

Mobile operator 1pMobile have begun to inform their UK customers of a change to their service that will see a new “minimum monthly spend” requirement of £2.50 being introduced from 1st October 2021. Customers who have set an auto-top-up will thus also see their minimum threshold go from £2 to £3.

The operator normally offers a core tariff of 1p per minute for calls to UK landlines and mobiles, 1p per text to UK mobiles and 1p per MB of data, although customers still need to buy credit (top-ups) in order to fuel this. New customers are usually asked to start by spending £10 (joining fee), and there are also special data packs if you want more data for mobile broadband use (but those already come with 30-day expiry terms).

NOTE: 1pMobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on EE’s UK platform.

At present, the operator requires that customers top-up their 1pMobile account with a minimum of at least £10 every 120 days (credit never expires). “For many lower users of our service, this change will reduce the number of top-ups you need to make over the short/medium term, and prevent you continuing to build a large and growing credit balance that you may never need,” said an email from the operator that has been seen by ISPreview.co.uk.

Our terms and conditions are changing

We are writing to advise you that we will shortly be changing the terms and conditions of your 1pMobile service as set out below; these changes will become effective on 1 October 2021. Please note that there is no change to our core pricing of 1p/minute, 1p/text, and 1p/MB.

Summary of the change we are making

We are replacing the requirement to top-up your 1p mobile account with a minimum of at least £10 every 120 days, with a new minimum spend requirement of £2.50 per month.

For many lower users of our service, this change will reduce the number of top-ups you need to make over the short/medium term, and prevent you continuing to build a large and growing credit balance that you may never need.

To implement this change, we will be amending the wording of Clauses 2, 3 and 7 of our terms and conditions; the new wording of these clauses are as follows:

New Clause 2 wording


This Agreement will commence on the date that you agree to the terms that we offer you (whether by accepting them online or via our customer services or sales teams) and will continue thereafter unless cancelled by us in accordance with clauses 2(b), 3 or 7 below. The commencement date (‘Commencement Date’) for any Service shall be the date that such Service is activated by you, or 7 days after the SIM card has been dispatched by us, whichever shall be the earliest.

New Clause 3 wording

Minimum Monthly Spend Requirement and Zero Balance Process

Our 1pMobile service is subject to a minimum spend of £2.50 every 30 days. If your actual spend during any 30-day billing period falls below £2.50, we will deduct the shortfall from the credit balance on your account; your billing period runs on a 30-day cycle from the Commencement Date. If we are unable to collect the shortfall because your credit balance is insufficient for us to do so, then your service will immediately be suspended until (i) the date you top-up your 1pMobile account, and (ii) 10 days have elapsed (in which case we will close your 1pMobile account and your mobile number will be disconnected), whichever shall come earlier. In addition, if the balance on your 1pMobile account falls to zero and you do not make a top-up within the following 10 days, then we will close your 1pMobile account and your mobile number will be disconnected.

New Clause 7 wording

Suspension of the Services

  a. At our sole discretion, we can suspend or disconnect the Service(s) immediately, without telling you and without notice if:
    i. we believe you are using the Service(s) in an unauthorised way, or for criminal activities or for the transmission of any material which is of a defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene or menacing nature;
    ii. we are aware or have reason to believe that this Agreement has been entered into fraudulently or we are satisfied that fraudulent or improper use of the Service(s) is taking place;
    iii. we believe that the Service(s) are being used for spam or bulk messaging (unless previously authorised by ourselves)
    iv. we have reason to believe the security of the SIM card may be prejudiced;
    v. you notify us that the mobile phone has been lost or stolen;
    vi. we have reasonable grounds for believing you may not pay any amount(s) that are, or may become, due from you;
    vii. your phone number is being advertised in or on a public phone box or other public space for solicitation purposes;
    viii. your payment choice and/or top-up method instruction is refused or cancelled;
    ix. we are informed that the card or payment method used to make any top-up is not held in your name or not registered to you at the address you have provided to us;
    x. you do anything (or allow anything to be done) which we reasonably believe may damage or affect the operation of the networks or adversely affect the service or Services that we provide to our customers;
    xi. you have a zero balance on your 1pMobile account for more than 10 consecutive days; or
    xii. there are reasons outside of our control.
    This Agreement does not come to an end during any period of suspension, any minimum monthly spend requirement will continue to apply, and any stored voicemail greetings or messages may be lost. In the event your Service is disconnected, any unused credit balance on your 1pMobile account will be lost. You will not be entitled to a refund in respect of any unused credit held on your account under any circumstances, except where you have notified us that you wish to cancel your account within 14 days of application.
  b. If you are completely unable to use the Service(s) for a continuous period of 24 hours because:
    i. there is a technical failure of the networks;
    ii. they are being tested, modified or maintained; or
    iii. access is denied to us
    then each such 24-hour period will be ignored for the purposes of the minimum monthly spend requirement, and any period referred to within this agreement shall be extended accordingly.


For customers who have selected auto-top-up, the minimum threshold is being increased from £2.00 to £3.00 to ensure that you always have credit available to use your mobile.

These changes apply to all customers who joined 1pMobile before 1 January 2021.

Some may view all of this as another nail in the coffin for the more traditional approach to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) style mobile plans, which seem to increasingly be adopting more of a monthly (contract style) model, or are at least pushing casual or more vulnerable mobile users in that direction.


According to 1pMobile’s FAQ for the new policy: “This change has no effect on anyone that has topped-up for £30 for the year (£30 a year is equivalent to £2.50 a month). Some customers who are near the end of their 1st year actually have a benefit as they will not be required to top-up on the anniversary and then can use any remaining credit over the following months.”

As already shown above, “these changes apply to all customers who joined 1pMobile before 1 January 2021.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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58 Responses
  1. Mike says:

    “But the new 30-day top-up requirement will stop that”

    It’s a 30 day minimum spend, not a top up requirement? So you can still top up £30 and it’ll just deduct £2.50 every month?

    1. Roger says:

      But if you spend £5 one month and £1 the next in calls you will now pay a total of £7.50 due to the minimum spend.

  2. Tom S says:

    The very thing that attracted many to 1p mobile was the fact that you could save up credit in times when you weren’t using the phone much. This is a fundamental change to the offering they make and we will now have to find an alternative as we wont pay £2.50 per month for nothing, they have lost our future custom. We use this sim in Europe but with Brexit and covid we have not been able to go and use any credit but have kept paying and now have £70 credit. I think they should honor the deal we all thought we were on, why should we now in effect have our saved up balance reduced by £2.50 every month, come on 1p mobile this is no way to reward loyal customers. I think you have just lost your USP!

    1. Lucian says:

      “I think they should honor the deal” – if only business was dealt in honour..

      They can do this, not only are they not bound by honour, but neither by any contracts.. it’s payg, so they can do what they want.

    2. Tom S says:

      I think the law says they have to treat customers fairly.

      If the regulator or a court decides they have not done this then they can be fined and will have to make redress.

  3. A Jarvis says:

    Disconnnecting a phone number after 10 days? Everyone is now required to use 2-factor authentication for financial transactions. I think 1p mobile are going to find themselves the wrong side of the law in terms of the Equality Act 2010.

    This is going to create both a nightmare for genuine customers, having to provide Photographic ID, to get the number changed on their accounts if the number on their accounts is disconnected, but also create a massive opportunity for fraudsters.

    Where is Ofcom on this? Absolutely silent as usual.

    Does no one at Ofcom/1p mobile have the ability for foresee issues before they happen? Any why numbers should only be discconnected without the user’s consent as a last resort, if any are on record at a credit reference agency, linked to a financial institution/2 factor.

  4. Jon says:

    I signed-up with 1pMobile because I don’t use my mobile often and prefer the PAYG option.

    It’s because of 1pMobile’s previous terms and conditions why so many customers have accumulated a lot of credit. Now, what should have been a PAYG arrangement is now a monthly roll-over, which is NOT what I and others signed-up for. It’s practically daylight robbery!

    I’ve already sent an email to 1pMobile, complaining about this but won’t be holding my breath. I currently have a little over £30 credit but, after this, I will most definitely not be topping up with 1pMobile ever again.

    At some pint, I also plan to complain to Ofcom about this.

    1. Leonard Easter says:

      I’m exactly the same I’ve asked them to cancel as I dont want pay monthly and I’m very disappointed with 1p mobile

  5. Andy M says:

    Not sure what OfCom will do as these are not charities. It costs money to run a MVNO.

    So as much as I feel peoples pain, they are within their rights to change their t&c’s and you can either accept them or move on to a company that will allow people to not use a number for months.

    All networks will disconnect PAYG numbers after to 6mths of no use… At the end of the day you all read the t&c’s before you signed up / activated your sims… and they do say they can vary the t&c’s with x amount of notice..

    1. Tom S says:

      I don’t disagree with what your saying but you have clearly missed the point as to why people feel the changes are unfair and unreasonable.

      Customers who have accumulated a sizable credit balance when the terms and conditions did not impost a ‘minimum spend’ charge are now faced with either having to pay £2.50 per month until they use up the credit they have or loose the credit they have saved up if they don’t accept the new T & Cs and therefore must move providers.

      Lets be honest it is a very underhand move particularly after Brexit and covid when a lot of peoples plans have had to change. 1p mobile had a good reputation this is clearly a ill thought out or possibly desperate move that they should seriously reconsider. At the very least they should offer a refund option to people who have saved up a credit balance and don’t want to pay £2.50 a month not to loose it!

      Incredibly there website still says ‘No contract. No hassle. No monthly fee’
      yet the new terms and conditions say:
      Summary of the change we are making
      We are replacing the requirement to top-up your 1p mobile account with a minimum of at least £10 every 120 days, with a new minimum spend requirement of £2.50 per month.
      For many lower users of our service, this change will reduce the number of top-ups you need to make over the short/medium term, and prevent you continuing to build a large and growing credit balance that you may never need.

      Do they think people are stupid! I cant see the ombudsman falling for the old minimum spend rhetoric.

      Come on 1p mobile have a rethink please, we used to love you!.

  6. Anthony Goodman says:

    This is really confusing.

    1. Do I need to top up £2.50 each month with them, even if I already have credit from the 3 month topups? And what happens if I don’t, does my line get cancelled and I lose the money I already have


    2. Do I need to make £2.50 worth of calls/texts/date use each month? And what happens if I don’t, do I lost £2.50 of my stored credit anyway for nothing, or do they disconnect my line or something?

    1. Jon says:


      You no longer have to periodically top-up your credit balance. So, long as you have credit you’ll be fine. However, if your credit balance is zero for longer than ten days, your account will be closed and you will lose your number.

      The new plan now requires you to spend a minimum of £2.50 credit every month. If you don’t spend this amount, the difference will be deducted from your credit balance. So, for example, if you spend £1.00 worth of credit one month, 1pMobile will deduct a further £1.50 from your credit balance.

  7. Jon says:

    @Andy M

    I think you’ve entirely missed the point, so I will break it down for you:

    1) With the previous PAYG plan, all customers agreed to top-up their credit every 120 days, whether or not the previous credit balance was used-up. There was no time limit for using up any of the accumulated credit, so it wasn’t a big deal. That was the main condition for using 1pMobile but, at the time, the pros outweighed this ‘con’.

    2) The rate for most UK calls and text messages is 1p. Most 1pMobile customers are not heavy mobile phone users, so it would take several days and/or hours of calls to use-up all the accumulated credit. So, for £5, a customer would have to make over eight hours’ worth of calls to completely use-up the credit. Now, imagine someone with an accumulated credit balance of £20 or more.

    3) With the new T&Cs, the PAYG plan has now been changed to a monthly roll-over plan, which isn’t what the majority of customers signed-up for – it’s a completely different plan and not a minor change to the previous plan. While £2.50 wouldn’t be too bad for most other service providers that charge higher tariffs, this amount equates to over four hours’ worth of calls (based on 1pMobile’s tariff) that would need to be made, every month, for 1pMobile to remain a viable option. I don’t even use my mobile for even half that time per month and will now effectively be penalised and robbed off my accumulated credit balance.

    The 10 days clause doesn’t bother me in the slightest but the switcheroo plan does. I last topped-up my credit several months before the change in T&Cs was announced – 1pMobile has no right to retroactively make the T&Cs apply to a payment I made almost a year ago.

  8. Paul S says:

    I wondered why they stopped allowing you to use your accumulated credit to extend your topup period a few months back – now I see why.

    So now it’s now basically a monthly (30 day) contract costing £2.50 for 250 minutes OR 250 texts OR 250 MB of data – or a mix of the 3. Use it or lose it.

    Disappointed to say the least. I didn’t mind using my credit to extend my topup (which is like what they are going to implement), however I do mind it now becoming complusory as it was nice to have the choice and also to keep a buffer for emergencies.

    I have 19x 30 day credits accumulated I guess to look for an alternative so close to 2 years before I need to start looking around.

    On the bright side at least I don’t have to topup anymore for that period.

    1. Paul S says:

      @ Neil

      Yes, you make a great point there. All the “useless” credit low users accumulated will now be used up and 1p mobiles funds won’t be getting replenished as it was before due to minimum topup payments.


      I use less than £2.50 a YEAR in calls & texts so this is a big increase in costs for me, yet at £2.50 a month that it will now cost it is still pretty low all things considered and I was paying that anyway in minimum topups albeit it was accumulating, not being spent, except when they allowed me to extend my topup period USING my credit.

      Not sure if I’ll find a cheaper alternative when I start looking. Maybe why 1p mobile did it?

  9. Jon says:

    So, 1pMobile just replied to my email. They basically quoted the email I sent them and added the following sentence:

    “Please take this email as a letter of deadlock as these Terms and Conditions stand.”

    And that’s it! Not even a mention of which ADR scheme they belong to.


  10. A Jarvis says:

    Pretty sure too, calling the 1p mobile tariff ‘PAYG’ now, falls foul of advertising standards. This isn’t going to end well for 1p mobile.

    Ofcom, have been caught napping, regarding the massive price increases (in percentage terms, these are roundabout percentage increases in the 100’s of percent across the board for PAYG, far above the consumer prices index of 2.1%) and t&c changes that have taken place to PAYG tariffs since the start of lockdown.

    A lot of vulnerable people rely on PAYG and it is not as though any bank will let you operate an account without 2-factor authentication via a mobile. (Cooperative allow 2-factor authentication by email, as an alternative).

    Bluntly, Ofcom as a regulator, are utterly useless, their remit is spread far too wide and too thinly, to ever have any real teeth. Since last year, operating a mobile has become pretty much mandatory in the UK, and these companies are exploiting that new position. Vulnerable PAYG users are disproportionally paying the price.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      Agree completely Jarvis, OFCOM needs to start growing some teeth. They’re all probably still working from home….doing whatever OFCOM actually do, which isn’t much.

  11. Smythe says:

    Asda Mobile now the cheapest network for low use Pay As You Go (4p min/text/MB). Minimum spend is just one charge per 180 days.

    1. JP says:

      Yes the Asda deal is great for low users, another great deal for chatters/ texters, but non internet / WiFi only data users is their talk & text £4 per month tariff.
      Unlimited calls and texts (no data) – £4 per month – great value.

  12. Terry O'Toole says:

    I reckon 1p mobile had a problem in that it was attracting a large base of very low usage customers meaning that its current/previous charging rates were unsustainable. The £10 every 4 months top-up “charge” should have in theory persuaded customers to use at least this much but clearly this wasn’t happening, with too many of them accumulating large amounts of credit instead of spending at least £2.50 per month on the service. Accumulated credit provides monetary boosts for the business in the short term, but has the potential to hurt in the long term as customers realise it has to be used up somehow which – the network is then charged interconnecting rates but has not got the sustaining stream to pay for it.

    If someone still wants to go down the “pure” PAYG route, there are still O2 Classic PAYG sim cards being sold on eBay which, as long as the seller is honest, should still allow you to go on to their old “Classic PAYG” tariff of 3p min/2p SMS/1p MB even though O2 have otherwise grandfathered the plan from around 18 months ago.

    Otherwise, for those 1p mobile users that mostly call & text while using very little data, their £3 bundle for unlimited calls & SMS for a month is one of the best deals currently out there.

    1. Jon says:

      In that case, it would have been better to relax the compulsory top-up to every 6 or 12 months, but that wouldn’t have been lucrative enough.

      As for the £3 bundle, what’s the point? If you have less than £2.50 credit, maybe, but what if you don’t want to use that bundle the following month? You’ll have to keep buying the bundle to offset the £2.50 monthly charge, so you might as well buy £10 worth of credit for the next four months (and it’ll work out cheaper too).

      The problem is that most customers have a lot of credit accumulated, so they’re not going to be interested in acquiring more, bundle or no bundle.

      Basically, the new monthly charge makes the bundle offer pretty redundant (unless you have almost no credit left). And even then, that’s £36 a year – an increase of £6 compared to one years’ credit under the old T&Cs.

    2. Jon says:


      “yet low usage customers kept topping up to protect the credit they’ll never use, makes perfect sense (being ironical).”

      It was never just about that. Customers also had to top-up every 120 days so as not to lose their phone number (i.e. have their account terminated).

  13. alan jones says:

    True payg is rwg mobile,runs on ee. 5p a min 10p a text and 2p per mb. But if your a really low user like me,they do a £0 a month bundle. 50 mins or texts,and 250mb a month. Compleaty free. Been using 3 months now. No problems at all

  14. Duncan says:

    I used to donate my credit build up to charity so now I will be donating every month to charity to stop 1p mobile charging me.

    1. Helen says:

      I like your thinking i will do the same when i am out of credit i will go over to Asda mobile.

    2. Rosemary says:

      Thank you for that informational idea. I had no idea you could do that. I will be donating to charity for sure.

  15. Vernon wood says:

    I got a new redmi mobile 2 weeks ago and joined 1p mobile with a £30 fee for annual cover of very light usage and emergencies. Do new terms mean I lose £2.50 monthly irrespective of use ?

    Isn’t that robbery ?

    1. Jon says:

      Yes and yes.

    2. Ben says:

      Not if you joined after 1st January 2021 No

    3. zxcvbnm says:

      Yes, but not for twelve months, you are paid up till then. So if you spend nothing your credit will last two years.

    4. Ben says:

      No, you won’t lose £2.50 monthly irrespective of use.
      You joined after 1st January with £30, so you will not have to top-up by £10 every 120 days for the first year (basically your initial £30 counts as 3 x £10 top-ups).
      At the end of the year you will need to top-up by at least £10 every 120 days to keep the account alive irrespective of use. So if you spend nothing in the next 12 months and don’t top up again your £30 credit will have lasted ONE year, if you do top-up your unused credit (if any) will carry over.

  16. Gg says:

    I signed up a couple of weeks ago, £10 in, coming from another scam (three PAYG). What a load of bullshit, I will ask for a refund and termination of service. If they change the contract I hope I have a right to it.

    1. Ben says:

      If you only signed up a couple of weeks ago you will not be affected

  17. Richard says:

    If you have enrolled for auto top up under the £10/120day regime, will Smarty automatically change this to £2.50/month?

  18. Ben says:

    People are NOT reading the whole statement. It clearly states “These changes apply to all customers who joined 1pMobile BEFORE 1 January 2021” So if you have joined in the last 8 month it does not affect you.

  19. David Chambers says:

    Well I have a 1p SIM in my dual SIM phone which I keep as back up. It means some months there is no usage and others a lot
    At the moment there is £6.24 balance but the next top up is not due to June 2022 if I don’t use it.

    Looks like I’ve now been left with 2 months 2 months rather than 8

    1. Ben says:

      Ouch! I hadn’t thought about that scenario

  20. Margaret says:

    I didn’receive an email just found out today. If I pay £30 for a year do I still get money taken every 30 days if I don’t use £2.50. Also my next payment was due end of November do I get until then to use my credit or does it stop 30 September?

    1. zxcvbnm says:

      From the FAQs, please note that
      “The changes to our T&Cs only apply to customers who connected before 1st January 2021.”
      “This change has no effect on anyone that has topped-up for £30 for the year (£30 a year is equivalent to £2.50 a month). Some customers who are near the end of their 1st year actually have a benefit as they will not be required to top-up on the anniversary and then can use any remaining credit over the following months.”

  21. Guy says:

    I used to promote 1p mobile to all friends who made few phone calls – but their recent tariff change which sees your account hammered for £2.50 minimum charges every month regardless of usage has spoiled it.

    At first glance it is similar to the old deal (minimum top up of £10 per 120 days) BUT that meant you accumulated a credit balance for as and when you needed it.

    NOW, they just take the money and it’s gone – as opposed to making sure you ADDED that amount – but the credit rolled over indefinitely.

    Massive trust issues with 1pmobile now – they have gone from being a great option for small mobile users to being a £2.50 pseudo-contract system with cheap phone calls but very high data charges (£10 per Gig).

    Might as well pay an extra £1 or so and get a contract now with someone else – and at least get a massive discount on the data plan as well as vastly more texts and minutes than you will ever need.

    Very very disappointed. Been a 1pMobile customer for years – and now cannot wait to get shot of them once I have had my credit taken from me 🙁

    Feeling very angry and cheated – and looking at this forum, Google reviews and Trust pilot reviews, it seems I am not alone.

    1. Rosemary says:

      EXACTLY! Same. Am so furious with this new system. Just daylight robbery. I sure will NOT be recommending them to anyone again. Like you said, cannot wait till all my credit is gone then leave! The sooner the better. For now, I will be donating my monthly credit to one of those text credit donations numbers to go to charities, just so these people will not take my money!

  22. Ami says:

    I have been with 1pmobile for about 15 months and like many others have accumulated a credit balance over the past year due to less calls, less data used because I am at home, no holidays due to CoVid. Under the old terms the credit would remain for future use.

    Now 1pmobile have taken it upon themselves to deduct £2.50 each month from my credit even if I have months where I spend nothing or less than £2.50. They are telling us “use it or lose it”.

    To add insult to injury they are telling us this move is for our benefit so we don’t accumulate credit. This new rule effectively turns a PAYG deal to a rolling contract, which is NOT what I signed up for.

    If we leave, we lose all our credit because they will not refund.

    This is a horrible way to treat loyal customers that have been using the service for years. It is nothing but robbery.

    The fair thing to have done if 1pmobile genuinely wanted to help customers not build up credit is to stop taking further top ups from us until the accumulated credit is gone, and then start taking top ups again from our banks.

  23. Jacqueline says:

    I am confused why the changes only apply to customers who joined before 2021. I asked 1p mobile if I could just cancel and rejoin as a new customer, and had this reply,

    “New customers are still using the standard Terms and Conditions.

    The option to purchase a new SIM as a new customer will work and will put you back onto the unchanged Terms and Conditons where you will need to top-up by at least £10 every 120 days.

    If you would prefer we can send you a new SIM free of charge which will make you appear as a new customer, we can then transfer your credit balance over. The only downside to this is that we are unable to transfer your current 1p Mobile number onto a new SIM.”

    So, for all those who have built up a large credit balance, it appears you can still keep it and be on the” old system”
    if you don’t mind changing your number.

    1. Gaz says:


      If its a number you want to keep, port the number to a another network like O2, Vodafone or EE. Give it a day for the porting then port the number back to 1pMobile to stay on the old system.

    2. Jon says:

      Yes, but for how long? At some point, those who adopt that strategy will be back at square one (and believe me, it will happen).

      Based on how 1pMobile has treated it’s older customers, I wouldn’t be prepared to trust that company ever again with my credit balance.

  24. Mark says:

    I transfered to 1P when GiffGaff got greedy and hiked their prices a couple of years ago.
    1P suited me even though “EE” has no signal in my area of Bristol, to get a signal I have to make phone calls outside where all the neighbours can hear!!
    I let the credit accumulate and use it when on holiday for calls and surfing the net, it worked perfectly, but now???
    I have ordered an ASDA SIM and will run my credit down to nothing and port the number over, I get 3 GIGs for a fiver with ASDA thats enough for holies and much cheaper than 1P at £30!
    As so many others have said its daylight robbery and OFCOM sits on their hands as usual.
    No wonder its called rip off britian!!

    1. Gary says:

      I have crap signal on all networks at home. A reason I moved to 1p recently was because it supports voice-over-wifi, and so does my Android phone. So it automatically makes and receives calls over my broadband wifi instead of the mobile network when I’m at home. The network usage is trivial and “reception” is so much better.

  25. Jon says:

    So, I’ve finally left 1pMobile AND managed to get my £40 credit balance refunded in full.

    For those who want to leave but feel they can’t, file a complaint with the Ombudsman. 1pMobile has to reply within ten working days and attempt to resolve the issue. If not, an Ombudsman representative will step in and investigate your complaint.

    Here’s the link to start the ball rolling:


    1pMobile replied just before the deadline and offered to fully refund me. A week later, my ordeal was over. So, it took three weeks to resolve this (I filed my complaint on 2nd September).

    Luckily, I still have my old Virgin PAYG SIM card, which I’ve kept active, so I will be reverting back to that for now.

    So long, 1pMobile!

    1. Rosemary says:

      Thank you for the link.

  26. J says:

    I was totally happy with 1p mobile. I hardly use my phone at all and was quite happy to roll over credit. Then when on holiday I could use the accumulated credit for data and calls as required. Now I will not build up any credit and to add insult to injury a data boost added before October 1 to cover a holiday does not count towards the £2.50 spend in October. I will not use this data and will not spend £2.50 on calls etc. I feel cheated

  27. alan says:

    very disappointed with 1p as they advertised as ideal for low users i have been with them for several years and have also put my partner on with them.
    we have over £70. credit between us which we stand to lose as we are out of the country and are using local sim cards.
    we have also convinced several friends to join and they are not very pleased with us.
    as far as i am concerned 1p mobile have s**t all over loyal customers and deserve to be brought to court and heavily fined as well as being forced pay all stolen funds to customers. this month they have charged me £2.50p for 7 mins. of calls, not quite 1p per minute.
    will be leaving asap…..goodbye thieves.

  28. Gail says:

    Like many, I was very disappointed with the change to the T&Cs, but decided that I would enter a pay-to-enter text competition once a month as that would cost about £2 and I usually use about 50p on calls and texts, so that would take me up to the required £2.50. Better to lose the money by having a have a very, very slight chance of winning a prize! But it wouldn’t work, I got a message saying my provider won’t allow it. So I tried a charity donation, and got the same. I then tried a competition which was just standard network rate, a short code number I’ve used in the past from my 1p Mobile phone without problem, and it wouldn’t send.

    Has 1p Mobile stopped allowing texts to short code numbers? Seems a strange coincidence that this has happened when the new T&Cs kicked in for me – have they realised people would do that rather than just let them take the £2.50 themselves from our balances and so stopped it?! I’ve read their T&Cs and can’t see anything about texts to short code numbers no longer being allowed, or premium texts not being allowed to make up the £2.50.

    1. Gary says:

      Login to the control panel and enable “Premium rate calls and texts” in the Network Settings.

  29. John says:

    I was considering 1p Mobile after Three upped their prices, waiting until my credit is used up.

    It seems strange it’s for existing customers only. Sooner or later I bet they’ll apply the same new terms to customers who joined after Jan 2021. So they’ve lost a potential customer.

    Looks like it’ll be Asda or Vodaphone Classic PAYG. Also heard RWG mentioned but it seems to be a newish business and I’ve been burned by those before.

  30. Marky says:

    glad i found this article, i was just about about to order a sim from 1pmobile as im someone who doesnt use my mobile a lot but after reading this i realise ill actually be paying more than i do at the moment. As others mentioned the thing that attracted me to the company is non-existant so glad i didnt order a sim.

  31. Gwylan says:

    Feel really conned by 1p.

    Have SIMs in several devices mostly trackers that get checked via SMS daily or more often if they are on the move.

    That was on the £30 a year deal. Just happens to be 12 times £2,50. But its just the principle of them changing the deal.

    Just had the SIM in a tablet switched off. Now cannot receive a code from Samsung to change the registered phone number.

    Merry Christmas 1P

  32. Mark says:

    If you’re not happy about this, I would recommend leaving a review on Trustpilot.

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