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You are viewing a October 2022 news and article archive where older items are stored for readers to access and view. This is done to keep the systems running smoothly and prevents the front page from becoming too cluttered.
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ISP News Archives for October 2022

Mobile giant Vodafone UK and Sky (Comcast) have reportedly two among several "groups" that have approached budget conscious fixed broadband ISP TalkTalk about a potential deal (most likely an acquisition), which in theory could create a much larger provider with more influence over the industry. Just to recap. In 2020 TalkTalk became the subject of a £1.1bn takeover by Toscafund - controlled by hedge fund tycoon Martin Hughes (here), which including debt valued the broadband provider at around £1.8bn. The deal took the ISP private and gave them more financial flexibility for their future plans. Since then, they've backed Freedom Fibre (here) and this week made the notable acquisition of Ethernet provider Virtual1 (here). According to the FT (paywall) and Sky News, TalkTalk is now said to have asked investment bank Lazard to review its options after allegedly being approach by several groups, including Vodafone and Sky (Sky Broadband). Lazard is a logical choice as they recently acted as Financial Advisor to TalkTalk on the Virtual1 transaction. Some industry analysts have reportedly suggested that TalkTalk itself could now be worth "at least" £3bn. But this seems rather optimistic for an ISP that doesn't have any significant fixed line broadband infrastructure to call its own (excluding their old unbundled LLU network) and largely just piggybacks off Openreach (BT), CityFibre and Freedom Fibre. But TalkTalk do have a strong business and wholesale side. Funnily enough, Sky Broadband are in a similar position with their own fixed line base, while Vodafone also likes to piggyback off Openreach and CityFibre. At present, Vodafone has a fixed broadband base of 991,000 customers, while Sky Broadband is estimated to be home to around 6.7 million and TalkTalk has approximately 4.2 million. Suffice to say, anybody gobbling up TalkTalk would instantly become a much larger provider, giving them a greater say in how the UK broadband market develops and more opportunities for convergence (Vodafone with mobile, and Sky with mobile and TV). Crucially, TalkTalk's consumer base is mostly made up of those on older copper and hybrid fibre lines (i.e. ADSL and FTTC / VDSL2), which are ripe for a future migration to FTTP. At the time of writing, all of the aforementioned operators have decline to comment on the reports, and TalkTalk has yet to receive any serious formal offers. In other words, we strongly suspect that this is largely just an exercise in spin to help TalkTalk drum up some more productive interest in the idea. But at the same time, it's not unreasonable to suspect that they might succeed, as the interest seems genuine. On the other hand, we see reports like this every year or so and only a very few ever convert into a serious offer. Time will tell. Much may depend upon whether or not TalkTalk’s new owners are more flexible and pragmatic about doing a deal than the previous lot. Arguably, TalkTalk might have gone much further by now had they taken some different decisions a few years ago (e.g. co-investing in FTTP instead of Pay TV).

31st Oct 2022 (12 Comments)

A major newspaper has reported that Virgin Media (VMO2) has allegedly gone cold on the idea of reaching a £3bn merger deal with budget UK ISP TalkTalk, which would have added the provider’s broadband base of over 4.2 million to their own base of 5.6 million in order to more effectively compete with BT.

10mbps uso minimum broadband speed uk

31st Oct 2022 (9 Comments)

UK ISP BT has issued the latest biannual October 2022 update on the progress they’ve made in delivering the 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO) for broadband, which confirms that they’ve so far built a USO connection to over 5,900 premises (up from 4,600), with more than 2,000 further builds in progress (down from 2,300).


31st Oct 2022 (12 Comments)

Broadband ISP Virgin Media UK and mobile operator O2, which not so long ago agreed a £31bn mega merger to become VMO2, have today celebrated after managing to attract 1 million customers to take-up their first joint product (bundle) under the ‘VOLT’ title – just one year after launching it.


31st Oct 2022 (0 Comments)

Network builder and UK ISP Brsk has announced that they will be launching a new ‘Black Friday‘ promotion on 1st November, which will offer new customers to their full fibre broadband network in Bradford, Accrington, Burnley and South Manchester a 50% discount for an entire year (e.g. £12.50 for 100Mbps ot £22.50 for 1Gbps).


31st Oct 2022 (19 Comments)

Customers on TalkTalk’s 944Mbps Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) broadband service in the City of York, which is a full fibre (FTTP) network that was originally launched in 2015 as part of a partnership with Sky Broadband and Cityfibre (here), have been informed that the “trial” service is now “coming to an end” because its “equipment is obsolete“.

fibre optic uk network cable flay glowing 2020

31st Oct 2022 (3 Comments)

Network builder VXFIBER UK has announced that they’ve joined forces with the local authority owned ISP Colchester Fibre (part of Colchester Amphora Trading) to make their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network (dedicated point-to-point fibre) available to over 3,500 homes and businesses in the town of Wivenhoe.

Clive Selley - openreach uk ceo picture 2021

30th Oct 2022 (33 Comments)

Good news for consumers. Openreach appears set to launch another round of wholesale prices cuts for UK ISPs that sell their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband lines. Dubbed ‘Equinox 2‘ after last year’s discount, the move will help the operator to stay competitive. But some rivals may raise competition concerns.

wireless to the cabinet fttc deployment

29th Oct 2022 (18 Comments)

Some 40 homes on the remote Scottish Isle of Coll, which is home to around 200 people, have been left without broadband until at least Monday because Openreach’s engineers cannot safely reach the island by boat in order to repair their niche Wireless-to-the-Cabinet (WTTC) network. Some homes have now been offline for 3 weeks.

Cityfibre FTTP Splicing Close Up Picture 2022

28th Oct 2022 (16 Comments)

Cityfibre has today revealed that they’ll invest £17 million over the next few years to ensure that “almost every home and business” in the Leicestershire (England) market town of Loughborough is covered by their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network.


28th Oct 2022 (3 Comments)

Broadband ISP and Pay TV provider Octaplus (Octaplus Supercharged), which initially launched via MS3’s gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network in East Yorkshire during September (here), has now officially become “available in all locations” across CityFibre’s network where homes are ready for service.

Virgin Media O2 Mobile Drone UAV

27th Oct 2022 (9 Comments)

Broadband ISP and mobile operator Virgin Media and O2 (VMO2) has teamed up with the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre in Wales to trial 4G and 5G connected drones, which in an emergency could be deployed to help create a temporary airborne mobile network for both visitors and emergency services (Mountain Rescue).


27th Oct 2022 (0 Comments)

Box Broadband, which is owned (majority stake) by CommunityFibre (here) and presently rolling out a gigabit speed Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network across parts of South East England (e.g. Surrey and Sussex), has today announced the appointment of Nathan Vautier to be its new Divisional CEO.

Home phone UK handset in red

27th Oct 2022 (21 Comments)

The Conservative MP, Robert Halfon, has proposed a new Private Members Bill that seeks to clampdown on utility providers (broadband ISPs, energy etc.) and “certain other services” that run telephone support lines, specifically those that make it difficult or force you to wait for ages before being able to speak with a human.


27th Oct 2022 (13 Comments)

Mobile operator EE (BT) has announced that they’ve begun to rollout Ericsson’s new ultra-lightweight Antenna-Integrated Radio (AIR 3268) hardware to more than 1,000 UK sites, which is smaller and lighter than existing antennas, uses up to 40% less energy and should deliver better 5G (mobile broadband) speeds and coverage.

Starlink for RV Motorhomes on Moving Vehicle

27th Oct 2022 (10 Comments)

SpaceX has informed customers that they’ve launched a new variant of their Starlink for RVs (Recreational Vehicles / Motorhomes) product via their constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) based ultrafast broadband ISP satellites, which includes new hardware that enables the service to be used while in-motion.


27th Oct 2022 (1 Comment)

Broadband, mobile and energy provider Utility Warehouse (Telecom Plus) has today announced that they’ve extended and expanded upon their existing UK wholesale supply agreement with ISP TalkTalk, which looks as if it will give UW access to the provider’s growing range of alternative full fibre (FTTP) networks.


26th Oct 2022 (8 Comments)

Fern Trading-backed broadband ISP Giganet (Cuckoo), which is investing £250m to build a new gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network across the South of England, has today confirmed that they’re investing £20m to reach more than 18,500 homes in Hurstpierpoint and Storrington (West Sussex).

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