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21st March, 2017 (1 Comment)

Before Bluetooth came along it was quite normal for early portable devices (PDAs, Smartphones etc.) to communicate via a short line-of-sight link using Infrared light. Now scientists at the Eindhoven University of Technology have used a similar approach to deliver a “100 times faster” WiFi style network.


20th March, 2017 (0 Comments)

The Welsh and UK Governments have today signed a new Swansea Bay City Region deal worth £1.2bn, which covers the Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Neath Port Talbot and Pembrokeshire council areas and aims to improve local health, business, energy and broadband services.

street cabinet fttc fibre broadband

20th March, 2017 (5 Comments)

The Northumberland County Council in England has confirmed that a third extension contract worth £6.4 million has been signed with Openreach (BT), which will enable an additional 3,200 homes and businesses to access their FTTC/P based “superfast broadband” (24Mbps+) network.

gfast extension pod low res

20th March, 2017 (13 Comments)

A few more details have leaked out today about Openreach’s (BT) new 330Mbps capable G.fast (ITU G.9700/9701) broadband technology, which among other things reveals that ISPs will be able to raise a fault if a customer’s line speed drops below a threshold of 100Mbps.

telegraph pole rural broadband openreach engineer

20th March, 2017 (0 Comments)

The Better Broadband for Oxfordshire project with Openreach (BT), which is currently working to roll-out “superfast broadband” (24Mbps+) services to “at least” 95% of local premises by December 2017, has confirmed that a further 2,000 premises will benefit thanks to contract clawback.


20th March, 2017 (1 Comment)

Residents of three small rural villages in the borough of Darlington (Durham, England) have been left upset after the local council pulled £50K of public investment to help roll-out faster “fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) services to the area, which is partly due to Openreach trebling their quote for the work.

forge manor derbyshire development uk

18th March, 2017 (26 Comments)

Owners of new build homes on the Forge Manor development in Derbyshire, which is being built by Wain Homes, have been left bewildered after an error by the developer meant they would only get a slow copper ADSL broadband service, after initially being promised 300Mbps FTTP.

scotland broadband map uk project split

17th March, 2017 (20 Comments)

The £410 million Digital Scotland project with BT (Openreach) has announced that £15.6 million from contract clawback (Gainshare) will be reinvested to raise the number of homes and businesses that have access to “superfast broadband” speeds of greater than 24Mbps.

cable damage openreach engineer

17th March, 2017 (1 Comment)

The Lincolnshire County Council in England has recently signed a new Phase 3 roll-out contract with Openreach (BT), which aims to help expand the local coverage of 24Mbps+ capable “superfast broadband” (FTTC/P) services towards 97% of premises. Expect more FTTP.

customer support broadband, telecoms and mobile uk

17th March, 2017 (60 Comments)

Front line customer service staff at the biggest ISPs aren’t always the most knowledgeable of people. One such example occurred recently when a member of BT Business’s Twitter care team informed a potential customer that they couldn’t have ‘FTTP on Demand’ because the Government had “pulled” it.

sky broadband uk logo 2017

16th March, 2017 (0 Comments)

The Government’s Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Karen Bradley MP, has today directed Ofcom and the UK Competition and Markets Authority to probe 21st Century Fox’s £11.7bn bid to takeover Sky by acquiring a 61% stake in the company (Fox already owns 39%).

fibre optic cables green and blues uk

16th March, 2017 (6 Comments)

A Bristol-based startup called Optic Networks (UK) Ltd. has today floated their ambition to roll-out a new 10Gbps (Gigabits per second) capable fibre optic broadband network in the United Kingdom, which would aim to serve “large areas of tenanted and owned high rise multi dwelling units.”

Vodafone UK 2016

16th March, 2017 (5 Comments)

The rumour mill is turning again as a new report claims that mobile giant Vodafone has reopened secret talks with European cable operator Liberty Global, which raises the possibility of an asset swap with their Virgin Media division in the United Kingdom.

openreach fibre optic cable laying

16th March, 2017 (0 Comments)

Last week’s deal with Ofcom to begin the “legal separation” of BT’s network access division (here) has begun a process that will also see Openreach hire an additional 1,500 UK telecoms and broadband engineers in order to help boost their service quality and performance.


15th March, 2017 (4 Comments)

As expected the Government has today tabled an amendment to their Digital Economy Bill 2017, which will work to maintain the Crown Guarantee for members of BT’s Pension Scheme (BTPS) as part of Openreach’s separation from the main group.


15th March, 2017 (1 Comment)

The £34m+ e-Sussex project, which has been working with Openreach (BT) to make FTTC/P “fibre broadband” services available to 99% of local premises in the county (96% will get “superfast” speeds of 24Mbps+), has officially completed its first contract and reported good take-up of 37%.

computer keyboard and mouse user

15th March, 2017 (2 Comments)

The telecoms regulator has today released their first Access and Inclusion report, which finds that older people, and those with disabilities, or low incomes, are still using communications services less than others but the gap is narrowing. Ofcom has also published a report on the pricing of related services.

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