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Vodafone UK Not Retiring Fibre 1 Broadband Plans? UPDATED

Wednesday, Jan 24th, 2024 (2:06 pm) - Score 2,280

Mobile network operator and ISP Vodafone UK has now, after previously announcing that they were retiring both their old c.35-38Mbps Fibre 1 (FTTC / VDSL2) and related Full Fibre 1 (FTTP) home broadband packages for new customers (not existing subscribers), said this was done in error. But the related Social Tariff is still missing.

UPDATE 2:57pm: Vodafone’s update merely states that the original announcement was sent in error, and thus we’ve reinstated the associated packages. But we note that the equivalent Social Tariff to Fibre 1 is still missing on the related product page. The original article is below.

The change makes sense as their Fibre 1 / Full Fibre 1 plans have often run discounts that made it the same price, at least during the first contract term, as their slightly faster (c.40 – 82Mbps) Fibre 2 / Full Fibre 2 package and this could sometimes cause a bit of confusion. This is partly because Vodafone doesn’t show their post-contract pricing on product pages (you have to dig it out of their separate price guide).

For example, the out-of-contract price for Fibre 1 is £33 per month, while Fibre 2 is £36 per month – even though both sell via their website to new customers for £24 per month on a discount. Otherwise, we ran a quick check before going to press, which revealed that the Fibre 1 (FTTC) package was still very much available (we assume this won’t last).

The loss of Fibre 1 wouldn’t normally be a big deal (providers refresh plans all the time), but as spotted by Thinkbroadband, Vodafone’s retirement also impacts their Social Tariff (Essentials Broadband) on the same tier – available to those on state benefits. Previously this meant you could take speeds of 38Mbps (average) for just £12 per month on a 12-month term, but now the only option is their £20 per month 73Mbps tier, which is kind of annoying if you can only get slow speeds on an FTTC line.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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9 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Terry ball says:

    With so many social tariffs available now for those who don’t or can’t work it does make it harder to motivate those barely above the bread line who do.

    1. Avatar photo Iain says:

      Universal Credit is available to people in underpaid work…

    2. Avatar photo Anon says:

      It’s also available to registered disabled etc, not just out of work.

    3. Avatar photo Chris says:

      Energy prices and inflation are the highest they’ve been in decades and you’re complaining about some people being able to save a tenner a month on their broadband, at zero cost to the tax payer?
      Get a grip.

    4. Avatar photo 125us says:

      In what way? Most people in receipt of benefits are in work, and the very hardest of jobs tend to be the ones they pay minimum wage. Those people don’t need ‘motivation’, they need access to reliable and affordable healthcare and public transport.

  2. Avatar photo Cheesemp says:

    I was pleased to see they have now reversed course – I’m long out of contract with Vodafone Fibre 1 on my <35Mb line – I held off changing providers as both Trooli and Giganet where due to go live with true fibre a year ago. They still haven't but I expect either Giganet or Nexfibre (new) to go live in the next month or two. I therefore really don't want a new contract right now. (Trooli seem to have given up after covering half the road.)

  3. Avatar photo Adrian Brown says:

    I was on Vodafone Essentials 1 at £12 per month for a good while. As soon as the contract ended they charged me full £22 on next bill, I complained, they said all was OK, I was then charged £27-ish on the next bill (as there was a £5 penalty fee).
    After 4 HOURS on their web chat I was no closer to getting help. One phonecall and they explained that I was in ‘Collections’ and could not reapply to be renewed until that was cleared.
    I filled in the complaint form and within 2 or 3 days the flag was cleared and all I had to do wass reapply (again).
    I left it for about a week as it was triggering to say the least.
    They phoned me requesting a renewal BUT they said the social tariff had been cancelled in January 2024 and they could only offer the £22 pcm package to me! “It’s all on the website” they said, yet today I checked and you can still apply for the social tariff…
    I’ve lodged another complaint so we’ll see where that goes.
    On top of it all my long-term mental health issues over this period have been exacerbated by this.
    Ironically I’ve been using mobile data to try and resolve this and it’s costing me even more.
    Hope this helps get to the bottom of it as there must be many folk being affected by this. Talk about kicking someone while they’re down…

  4. Avatar photo Andrew says:

    I’m on social tariff essentials 1 but my discount has ended before contract was up! So I knew something was wrong and rang Vodafone and they confirmed my fears discount ended so bill says they want £17 and would be £22 per month. So reapplied for the social tariff to be rung and told we only provide fibre essentials tariff 2 upto 76meg but I can’t have that either for £20 a month because apparently my area doesn’t handle upto 80 megs lol that’s funny because I was on and syncing 80meg with them prior to the essentials package. I had no warning email or phone call or text to alert me my contract was nearly up either! Then strangely today I get an email saying I can renew my essentials 1 for £12 a month? I’m switching to bt for 15 a month as voda are making it ridiculously difficult to get back on social tariff I’m done with how you can’t call normal voda helpline and be renewed you have to wait by the phone for 5 days to get a call from an 01482 number! I’m guessing I won’t be getting a social tariff at £12 a month anymore!

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