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ISP News Archives for September 2014

fell end rural fibre optic digging

4th September, 2014 (6 Comments)

The £88k+ Fell End Broadband project in Ravenstonedale (South East Cumbria, England) has announced that its partly community built fibre optic (FTTH/P) network, which covers just 58 properties including 28 businesses over an 11km area, is now officially live.

wireless mobile mast

4th September, 2014 (3 Comments)

Mobile operator EE has teamed up with Nokia Networks and Intel to test the new Liquid Applications technology, which among other things can redefine the role of base stations (these distribute the mobile signal to your phone) by adding cloud technology in a way that could deliver some big Mobile Broadband (4G / 3G) performance improvements to customers.

super router talktalk

4th September, 2014 (6 Comments)

Budget broadband ISP TalkTalk looks set to release the first new firmware (v1.05t) for their recently launched “Super Router” (Huawei HG635), which boasts a built-in VDSL2 modem and the most recent Gigabit capable wireless networking (802.11ac). Better WiFi and UI improvements appear to be on the cards.

fiber optic cable bright

4th September, 2014 (1 Comment)

Fibre optic broadband ISP Seethelight, which serves thousands of customers across a number of housing estates via the Independent Fibre Networks Limited (IFNL) platform in the United Kingdom, is this morning recovering after a large outage struck their network after 2pm yesterday.

cityfibre fibre optic cable

3rd September, 2014 (6 Comments)

Fibre optic infrastructure developer CityFibre has claimed that it will create Scotland’s first “Gigabit City” by confirming their plans to build a city-wide fibre optic broadband network in Aberdeen, which will mirror their similar Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) style roll-outs in York, Bournemouth, Peterborough and Coventry.

network connections

3rd September, 2014 (3 Comments)

The World Economic Forum has ranked the United Kingdom 9th in its Global Competitiveness Index 2014-2015 (up from 10th last year), with the country’s position being lifted due to its flexible labour market and work to reduce public sector debt. But strong broadband and Internet services have also given a boost to the country’s ‘Technological Readiness’ score.

ee uk logo

3rd September, 2014 (18 Comments)

Mobile operator EE has moved to “transform” the United Kingdom’s market for Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) services by launching a new range of 4G (LTE at 1800MHz) compatible packages from just £1 per week, but don’t expect a huge data allowance for that.

stop spam and junk email

3rd September, 2014 (5 Comments)

At some point over the past few weeks somebody you know has probably poured a bucket of ice water over themselves (possibly for charity) and posted the video to Facebook. Unfortunately for Smartphone owners this phenomenon can have the unintended consequence of causing your Mobile Broadband data bills to skyrocket, thanks largely to Facebook’s auto-play videos feature.

copper and fibre optic hybrid broadband cables uk

2nd September, 2014 (89 Comments)

The next generation of hybrid-fibre G.fast (aka – FTTC2 / ITU G.9700) and FTTdp broadband technology managed to achieve an aggregate downstream / upstream speed of nearly 720Mbps (Megabits per second) during BTOpenreach’s first UK trial with Huawei, which took place at several homes near the operators Adastral Park engineering HQ in Ipswich (England).


2nd September, 2014 (7 Comments)

The B4RN 4 Yealand, Silverdale & Storth (B4YS) project, which is a spin-off from B4RN’s scheme in Lancashire (England) that aims to roll-out a 1000Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband network to three rural villages (Yealand, Silverdale and Storth), has raised 100% of its first Stage One funding target (£101k) to build the core network.

ofcom uk telecoms regulator

2nd September, 2014 (2 Comments)

The communication regulator’s latest Telecoms Market Data Tables update for Q1-2014 has revealed that the United Kingdom is now home to a total of 22,808,000 fixed line residential and small business broadband ISP connections (excluding corporate lines), which is up by +1% on the previous quarter. Meanwhile more fixed phone line customers are going mobile.


1st September, 2014 (4 Comments)

Hull-based business ISP Axis, which boldly claims to be “the UK’s leading business telecoms and utilities provider” (rivals may disagree), has announced that they’re offering new customers six months half price “superfast fibre optic broadband” (note: it’s actually an FTTC product not FTTH/P) to all new small and medium sized business customers.


1st September, 2014 (70 Comments)

After several weeks of pestering BTOpenreach’s poor communications team, we’ve finally managed to extract a simple diagram to help illustrate how their new Fibre-to-the-Remote-Node (FTTrN) technology will work.

fttc bt openreach mastersocket

1st September, 2014 (15 Comments)

BTOpenreach, which maintains and upgrades BT’s national telecoms network across the United Kingdom, has today announced that its new and cheaper self-install service (PCP-Only) for superfast ‘up to’ 80Mbps Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) broadband lines will be given a full commercial launch on 29th September 2014. In other words, no more home engineer visits.


1st September, 2014 (3 Comments)

Most broadband ISP consumers in the United Kingdom are probably familiar with major Internet router and modem kit manufacturers like NetGear, Asus and so forth. But many probably won’t be as familiar with the name AVM, which has recently become much better known thanks to their latest line of advanced but affordable ADSL and VDSL (FTTC) FRITZ!Box routers.

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