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Virgin Media Discounts Prices of UK Standalone Broadband for XMas

Monday, December 17th, 2018 (6:00 am) - Score 12,453
Virgin Media 2014 UK Logo

Cable ISP Virgin Media has this morning discounted the prices of their standalone ultrafast broadband (no phone service required) packages for the first 12 months of service by -£10 (monthly) each. For example, the entry-level 54Mbps (average speed) package will be reduced from £35 to just £25.

As usual all new customers will also receive a Hub 3.0 (SuperHub v3) wireless router, a 12 month minimum term contract, unlimited usage, access to Virgin’s UK network of WiFi hotspots (e.g. London Underground), internet security / parental controls and email.

We note that a set-up fee of £25 (one-off) still applies and the new offer will only be available to order from today until 23rd December 2018. The caveat with Virgin Media is that their cable network is predominantly only available in urban areas (covering over half of UK premises), with a few small exceptions.

VIVID 50 fibre broadband
Average speed: 54Mbps down / 3Mbps up

PRICE: £25 per month for 12 months (£35 thereafter)

VIVID 100 fibre broadband
Average speed: 108Mbps down / 6Mbps up

PRICE: £30 per month for 12 months (£40 thereafter)

VIVID 200 fibre broadband
Average speed: 213Mbps down / 12Mbps up

PRICE: £35 per month for 12 months (£45 thereafter)

VIVID 350 fibre broadband
Average speed: 362Mbps down / 21Mbps up

PRICE: £40 per month for 12 months (£50 thereafter)

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30 Responses
  1. Avatar Mike

    Maybe instead of a discount they could put the cash into more coverage.

  2. Avatar Ian

    Yeah I haven’t used Virgin for two years, since their oh yeah you’ll get 350mpbs, soon the lines just need to “settle”, oh wait you only receive that speed at 3am, oh no you can’t leave even though we said you could if the speeds were bad.

    I got speeds of 10mbps in the evenings, you don’t know if I’ll ever trust Virgin again

    • Avatar Neil

      Hi Ian,

      I had the same problem in Sheffield, after much argument with them they finally admitted the area was over-subscribed and they were upgrading the back end to cope. They also discounted my broadband by 50% until it was fixed. It’s now been fixed and even at peak times the speed is fine. It may be worth giving them another look.

    • Avatar Random Precision

      I can only speak as I find, I have the 350Mbps and achieve speeds in excess of 350Mbps at all times, even during peak hours. I’m happy with the service.

    • Avatar Toby Adams

      I have had VM for 15 months and have never got less than 108Mbps down on their VIVID 100 product. Cant really fault them, except for the very limited upstream that is.

    • Avatar Simon

      I get 390mbps 24/7 after they sorted my area out.

    • Avatar Ryan

      Have to agree with the above….

      Been on 350mb for about a year and a bit and 200mb before they introduced 350…

      Always had 370-385mb all day and 210-220mb all day when on 200mb.

      Exchange is Stepney, London I think.

      Been with VM for the last 2.5 years and the hub, speed and reliability is the best i’ve had in the last 10 years of broadband…

      Happy to also stick the middle finger up to having a “phone line rental” for £15+ that no-one needs nowadays… This seriously needs to be phased out with demand for it dumping as quickly as poss.

  3. Avatar karl robertson

    They have zero loyalty to customers who pay top whack for bad wifi connections

    • Avatar Simon

      Right – you don’t pay for any wifi connection – you pay for access to the network – the wifi their equipment puts out is not meant to deliver full speed as WIFI can not – plug in with a cable and then if it’s slow check your PC can cope with it (and not on some 100/10 card) and THEN blame VM!

      I have a Imac with a 1Gbps wireless card – I can’t even get the full 390mbps over it! (but I max out on Ethernet) – people are too quick to blame the provider

    • Avatar joseph

      Why would any provider be loyal? They are there to make money. The bigger issue is why would people be loyal if they do not get what they believe they are entitled to from a provider? I can only think because they are stupid or enjoy being a submissive, but whiny loon.

    • Avatar Ryan

      Agree with Simon above.

      Very little wifi chipsets out there (only super top end) are going to get anywhere close to the ethernet (wired) speed of 350mb let alone competitors 1gb.

      Nonetheless anything over say 50mb wireless speed per device is overkill.

      The most a device will suck up is a set top box or streaming stick getting 4k.

      Ethernet where possible for me though.

  4. Avatar Virgin Hell

    Never trust virgin media on throttle speed. Will never join virgin media even if it was £1 a month. FTTC 76/19 are very reliable and always spot on speed 24/7/365. FTTC wins hand down. Avoid virgin media cable at all cost.

    • Avatar Simon

      Hi Phil, sorry I mean ADSLMax… you are wrong pal – FTTC wins in areas where VM is bad- I have top speed FTTC and VM and VM wipes the floor with it 24/7

      Stop crying and enjoy the hundreds of Plusnet referrals you say you have got that never happened.

    • Avatar joseph

      Max lives in a fantasy world first with his FTTPOD quotations and then his Plusnet referals.

    • Avatar Simon

      I was stunned when I was told it would be £42,000 for FTTP as it would deprive 2 local houses of it – not like anyone around here could afford FTTP even at normal prices.

      Still I guess they don’t want the local drug den and hooker house to miss out –

  5. Avatar Meadmodj

    Good old marketing, VM are not interested in just broadband and are hoping people will go for the TV package for a little more. Lots of ISPs will be advertising this Christmas to many who may not watch that much live telly normally. Not a bad deal for a year if languishing on FTTC. Shame they can’t just offer these prices normally.

    As for WIFI the limitation is often the coax. People hide the router behind a TV or inside the cabinet alongside the TIVO. Not a good start. Either locate the bulky router in the open or better still turn off the wireless and cable to a suitable Router/AP/Mesh that covers the house. If your neighbour has VM change the WIFI channels as normally VM WIFI coverage is better next door.

  6. Avatar Sam

    Been with virgin for years and my internet is the only thing they get right.
    I’ve got vivid 350 and it always speedtests higher than that.
    Here’s a speedtest I did just now (10:27am)

    PING ms: 9
    DOWNLOAD Mbps: 384.34
    UPLOAD Mbps: 20.67

  7. Avatar TheMatt

    Not to worry, 3 months after you join you’ll be getting a letter that the price is back up to normal or more.

    • Avatar Simon

      Yes – and then you can leave for free – and?

      Oh sorry I forgot VM are the only company to do it..

      Oh wait.. what’s that you say?

  8. Avatar Marty

    Virgin Media are same con job company (unless your lucky enough to be in the top 10% coverage) as a certain software company cough codemasters.

  9. Avatar Johnnio

    I’ve been with VM for years..got TV Broadband and landline phone package (which I never wanted or ever use)but had to have it as part of the package..this year alone I’ve had 4 increases from £44 rising now to £70..loyal long term customers like myself get treated very badly so when my contract is up for renewal I’m off

    • Avatar joseph

      “I’ve been with VM for years”……..

      “so when my contract is up for renewal I’m off”

      Your statement is off, contracts unless you continually alter your product choice do not “renew” in the first place. But then again you know this but continue to post your same stupidity on here.

  10. Avatar John Forsyth

    I was with Virgin for 16 years when they were called telewest
    Prices have been rising they give you a package and then they put up the price by saying it’s in the contract
    How long is a contract?
    I think all subscribers are paying too much especially the loyal ones
    I have cancelled my contract as I only wanted Internet only and they couldn’t oblige at that time I asked them to reduce they couldn’t do the same price as a new customer
    Yes a new. Customer gets all the benefits
    There not interested when I gave them notice and they cut me off 1 week early phoned and they didn’t even have the decency to apologise
    Now with Talk Talk least you know where you stand with them
    Internet only £26 a month for 24 month saving me £300 a year no extra charges
    It pays to look around

    Disappointed Virgin Customer

    • Avatar joseph

      “How long is a contract?”

      I imagine its as long as it says it is right next to the price, but hey what do i know apart from how to read.

  11. Avatar Richard Thompson

    So £5/m more for 350m broadband than they were doing 350m BB+phone for on black friday.

  12. Avatar Simon

    I am out of contract and paying £52 a month for top package – going to call them

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