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Giffgaff UK Launch 5G Unlimited Data Golden Goodybag Plan

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 (8:13 am) - Score 25,128

Mobile operator giffgaff has this week finally jumped on both the “unlimited data” (mobile broadband) and 5G bandwagon with the launch of their new £35 “golden goodybag” plan, which is not to be confused with their existing £25 “always on” package and we’ll explain why. Get ready for caveats.

Until now all of giffgaff’s goodbybag plans have been 4G-only and their top plan was the £25 per month “Always On” option, which included unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and “always on” data. The catch being that “Always On” isn’t quite the same as a true “unlimited” tariff because after gobbling 80GB of data you’d experience a reduced data speed of 384Kbps from 8am to Midnight. So you’d still be able to get online, albeit at a slower speed than a copper ADSL line from nearly 20 years ago.

NOTE: Giffgaff is an O2 based Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

By comparison the new £35 “golden goodybag” finally adds 5G support (it’ll still work on 4G too) and offers “unlimited data,” but like most of the other major mobile operators there is a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) to consider, which appears to threaten to “disconnect” customers or slow their speeds (the Advertising Standards Authority might not be happy with that).

FUP on Unlimited Data

If you have a goodybag with ‘Unlimited’ allowance (including our ‘Unlimited’ golden goodybag) then we’ll monitor the amount of data you’re using. If we reasonably believe that your usage is harming our Network or other members’ access or use of our Network then you will breach this Fair Usage Policy. Avoid regularly tethering to 12 or more devices or regularly using unreasonably large amounts of data, including but not limited using around 650GB of data twice within a 6-month period. If we suspect you are in breach of this Fair Usage Policy, we may investigate your usage further to ascertain whether your unlimited data usage is in line with this Fair Usage Policy and take action as set out below.

5. What happens if your usage falls outside this Fair Usage policy?

Calls, texts and data:

If we reasonably suspect you’re not acting in accordance with this policy, we reserve the right to impose further charges or disconnect your SIM card or your goodybag at any time, having attempted to contact you first. If you have a goodybag, you will be charged 0.36p/MB for data, 3.2p/minute for calls and 1p/text for texts, otherwise our standard Pay As You Go rates apply.

We also we reserve the right to; (i) investigate your usage, (ii) impose Network protection controls (which may reduce your speed of connection) (iii) suspend you from using our services, (iv) disconnect your SIM card at any time (v) transfer you to a plan with a reduced data allowance and/or (vi) prevent you from purchasing further goodybags.

We note that other operators with an “unlimited data” allowance often deliberately use more ambiguous language so as to avoid running into problems with the advertising watchdog, which since 2012 has had a strict policy on the promotion of unlimited plans. In short, “marketers will no longer be able to use a fair-use or traffic management policy to slow down legitimate users, nor will they be able to impose an additional charge or suspend the service.”

Otherwise giffgaff states that the new goodybag will be “available now for new members joining giffgaff, members using the app and in your recurring options,” although at present they don’t appear to have added it to their line-up of SIM-Only plans on the public website. No doubt this will soon change.

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31 Responses
  1. Avatar Billy Nomates says:

    Does O2 even have 5G besides a couple of “we can do it too” sites in London?

    1. Avatar Josh says:

      Yes. They’re the only network with 5G in Norwich, for example.

    2. Avatar DaveyO says:

      Only 5G provider in York too.

  2. Avatar Mike says:

    There’s also a 9GB for £10 Golden Goodybag which is a lot more reasonable to test 5G.

    1. Avatar IcyEars says:

      Except the £10 Golden Goodybag is 4G only, as Mark says in the article!

    2. Avatar IcyEars says:

      Actually, I stand corrected.

      The announcement on the site does say “An active golden goodybag – either the £10 or the new £35 one” under the Things you need to get it, so it does look like Mike is correct and it will be on both Golden goody bags (apologies Mike).

      It isn’t clearly stated anywhere else I have looked though.

    3. Avatar Mike says:

      If I log in, both golden goodybags show 5G on both recurring ones.

  3. Avatar IcyEars says:

    When ordering a 5G Sim from GiffGaff the order confirmation page states “Don’t forget to get yourself a golden goodybag and make sure you’ve got a 5G-ready phone. Then you’ll be suited and booted, ready for 5G when it comes your way. Game on. ”

    So points to note are you currently need a new 5G Sim as existing Sim’s are not yet activated for 5G and you will need a Golden Goodybag.

    Maybe these can be added to the article for clarification?

  4. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

    Not exactly the “goody bag” they’re pretending it is then is it? More like when kids go out trick or treating and get a neighbour giving out chocolate covered sprouts/pickled onions instead of sweets.

    When will UK broadband providers realise that “unlimited” and “only unlimited when we want it to be” are two completely different things?

    Not until they get properly regulated is the answer to that rhetorical question.

    1. Avatar Mike says:

      The answer isn’t government but individual responsibility, don’t like, don’t buy.

    2. Avatar SNPdinnaespeak4me says:

      No doubt someone will say “if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it”, and agreed you sign up to T&C’s

      But that completely misses the point of something being advertised as UNLIMITED, when it is not

      not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

  5. Avatar Aleksandr Metslov says:

    So, if I dare to use unlimited plan as advertised, not only my internet will be disabled, but also calls and messages.

    Bravo, ducking bravo!

    1. Avatar Aleksandr Metslov says:

      Voxi (Vodafone) is offering £35 plan.
      It is actually unlimited. Like do the duck you want with that SIM card. I’m using it in my 4G router to replace Virgin media internet.

    2. Avatar freddie says:

      I used to be an Agent, I saw customers who used 5GB throttled. I personally recommend Voxi if you have good Voda coverage – from £15 they do so much more even 5G included

  6. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

    Hows that going, I’m currently trying a selection of SIM cards from different carriers in my B535 router and I’ve got to say, the results are all somewhat disappointing.

    1. Avatar Mike says:

      Tried using an external antenna?

  7. Avatar Leex says:

    I thought 5g already worked based on currant data limited options, the golden one just adds standard unlimited data use (FUP 650gb witch is significantly more then any one should be able to use normally )

    1. Avatar Anon says:

      Yeah, but then they should be selling a 650GB package, not an unlimited one.

    2. Avatar AL says:

      Not so. I have two sons, each downloading and updating Xbox games, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube streaming most evenings plus my wife and I both work from home. We often see 1000GB usage a month on our Three 4G home broadband!

    3. Avatar Tyeth Gundry says:

      This! It’s almost as if the ISPs haven’t read any isp related news this year. Peak data usage for game updates in the UK are the only headlines… 100Gb updates are common and can be more than one per month, now imagine more than one user…

      Also abusing english words for advertising should be illegal. Words adapt to usage but flagrant abuse is a little different. Unlimited means a limit cannot placed.

  8. Avatar Exgaffer says:

    Giffgaff and their famous fair usage policy. I would wait for the reviews showing if their 5G data speed is any better than 2G.

  9. Avatar NINJA says:

    Haven’t really used GiffGaff been with 3 network last 15 years or so I can recall hearing about GiffGaff if you use a lot of data they limit your speed big time and if don’t behave they ban you is this true?

    1. Avatar M Z says:

      It is absolutely true. This is why I left Giffgaff. I am with Three now everything including data unlimited for £18 and no body says “Boo” if I use more than a GB Inna day. Further Three’s 5G is extremely fast.

  10. Avatar James™ says:

    They seem to apply the same FUP as O2.
    I wonder if O2 applies this for anyone on their network.

  11. Avatar GuffGuff says:

    5G @ 384Kb/sec? Might as well use 3G if you want those speeds.

    “Here, have a Ferrari, but only drive it 1 mile or we’ll take it off you”

  12. Avatar Chris says:

    Crappest offer ive ever seen, just go on EE and get 100GB 5G unlimited speed for £20/month or £23 for 200GB.

    “If you have an Always On goodybag, once you have used over 20GB of data, your speed will be reduced to 384 kbps between 8am and midnight GMT and you will be charged 0.36p per MB for the remainder of your goodybag. If you have, a goodybag with an unlimited UK data allowance, once you have used over 20GB of data, you will be charged 0.36p per MB for the remainder of your goodybag.”

  13. Avatar Kristina Vainauska says:

    I am using always on Goodybag. And I am not happy at all.
    My phone shares internet with my pc, all I do is listen to the radio, browse internet, watch YouTube.
    My 80GB disappear in less that 2 weeks and it is on 4G speed. So I believe them 650GB not gonna last either.
    I used to last a month on my phone with 8GB a month and it was more than enough and I used my phone the same.
    So looks to me their internet just goes way too fast. How is it even possible to use 80GB in less than 2 weeks??
    I would definitely advice looking for another provider!!!

    1. Avatar Yentl says:

      Same! I’ve just moved house and thought I’d get the £25 goody bag and the 80gb is used within 2 weeks. Very disappointed

  14. Avatar JoeSam says:

    5G is actually suspended at Giffgaff. I had received a 5g SIM card in the post on Friday and then got an email saying that it has been suspended. So no 5g at the moment.

  15. Avatar peter stokoe says:

    Yeah if giffgaff want to compete in 5he 5G market they need to abolish this awful cap at 80GB

  16. Avatar James Holloway says:

    They do the same as o2 (650GB) fair useage I don’t care
    I use much as I want it says unlimited my limit is 1000gb like smarty say

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