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Virgin Media Business UK Launch 350Mbps VOOM “Fibre” Broadband Service

Posted Thursday, April 20th, 2017 (10:30 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 1,374)
Virgin Media 2014 UK Logo

Hybrid fibre cable operator Virgin Media Business has this morning moved to top their consumer division’s recently launched 300Mbps home broadband package (here) by introducing a new “VOOM Fibre” product, which offers a top download speed of 350Mbps (20Mbps upload) to SMEs.

Regular readers will know that we’ve been predicting the introduction of a 350Mbps option for small and medium sized business connections for awhile. The operator was also the first of the two divisions to launch a 300Mbps service, which occurred over a year before (here) they did the same for residential customers via Virgin Media last month.

According to VMB, the new package will become available to new and existing business customers from 2nd May 2017. The introduction is being accompanied by a package revamp that will supply businesses with a choice of three price plans and upload speeds, with a number of bolt-ons and discounts on additional services to help them tailor the product to their specific business needs.

Prices start from £30 +vat per month, with two additional options priced at £40 and then £55 per month.

VOOM Fibre specs

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Download 350Mbps 350Mbps 350Mbps
Upload 7Mbps 15Mbps 20Mbps
Monthly download limit No No No
Contract 24 months 24 months 24 months
Bolt-ons available No Yes Yes
Buying options Online only Online + phone Online + phone
Cost £30/month £40/month £55/month
Voom Fibre + Landline bundle £45/month £50/month £65/month

It’s important to distinguish this new range of SME focused packages from VMB’s other leased line and big business / corporate focused products, which can already deliver much faster speeds.

Peter Kelly, Managing Director of VMB, said:

“We have for many years now been the champions of small business, in particular entrepreneurs, through both our VOOM Competition platform and our Pioneers Community. With the launch of Voom Fibre we want to unleash every small business by providing the digital backbone they need for their business.

For UK small business to thrive in this evolving digital economy they should have the technical ability and capacity in place so they can focus on development and growth, we are removing a barrier and enabling them to fulfil their digital potential – offering them all the speed they need to achieve success.”

Today we are putting a huge challenge to the market to do better. Our standard speed is now more than four times faster than our competitors’ fastest broadband product and we encourage them to match us to enable and benefit small businesses and the UK economy.”

VMB’s SME customers can also expect to benefit from superior traffic prioritisation vs domestic customers, as well as a static IP address (if requested) and some other things.

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24 Responses
  1. Optimist

    Still no IPv6 though…

    • alex

      @Optimist wow, really?, seems VM is still behind with the times

    • Vince

      No IPv6, no multiple static IPs, no full 1500 byte MTU especially when you have a static, no routed subnets, and still no better upload, 350 meg down and not even 10% of that up still on the top package. Sigh.

    • Robert

      Many still do not have FULL and universal IPv6 including BT.

      As for Static IP addresses they do do multiples…
      “We can supply static IP addressing but this can only be provided if requested at the time of ordering. The available options are 1 address, 5 addresses or 13 usable public IP addresses.”
      1500 MTU is all but a thing of the past On FTTC you should be using 1492 bytes. As to speeds i fail to see how 20Mb upload is a bad thing in any regard.

  2. CarlT

    Have they announced prioritisation over residential customers officially?

    That’s not been the case so far.

  3. New_Londoner

    The Achilles Heel seems to be upload speeds, which matter more to many businesses than ever faster download speeds.

    • GNewton

      I agree. Just wondering what made you change your mind on this? If I remember it correctly you used to think differently about the importance of upload speeds in the past.

    • CarlT

      Looking at it not so much. They will only few selling 350Mb. The pricing is competitive basing it on the equivalent upload speeds on FTTC.

      I guess we have to remember what VM compete with: rate adaptive, ‘up to’ 76Mb downstream, 19.5Mb upstream FTTC with median download sync speeds for those taking the 80/20 sync package of around 60Mb down and upload sync in the mid-high teens.

    • CarlT

      ‘will only be selling’ even.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that upload speeds will be rising in the not too distant. VM plan on matching and exceeding G.fast for upload speeds when it is in full commercial deployment rather than pilot.

      They just beat it on downloads. So much for Openreach ultrafast NGA 2.

    • Robert

      Yes enough of the 20Mb uploads like Infinity 3 is 220/20, Infinity 4 is 300/20.

    • CarlT

      Uploads will indeed be going up this year; not going into specifics beyond that they will be higher than anything in BT’s current Infinity or Openreach’s FoD list.

      Faster than FoD available to half the UK for about 1/5th the monthly fee with no 4-figure install. Can’t be too bad.

    • Robert

      Makes you wonder why BT call any so called new development Next Gen Access (NGA)

    • CarlT

      Isn’t hard to consider something compared to what they have now as next generation. They are a long way behind the state of the art, indeed they have ensured G.fast has been extended to accommodate their reluctance to invest in deeper fibre.

  4. Chaoss

    I find Virgin Media to be such an awful service, I’ve had both their business and home packages and every single time there was ‘unexpected’ downtime at least 2 – 3 times a week for multiple hours, awful upload speeds and download speeds would range between their advertised speeds down to dialup speeds, it’s not a service that’s ideal for any sort of business or serious usage. Maybe I’d reccomend the cheaper packages to a family with no heavy users but other than that it’s pretty useless without a backup line.

    • Chris P

      Services priced according to the providers limitations?

    • CarlT

      Given the stated, and evidenced, uptime customers experience you clearly have an issue that needs resolving and is not normal

    • Clive

      That hasn’t been my experience. I have the 200 Mb/s business service right now, with 5 usable static IP addresses (part of a trial, but I gather due to launch fully in May). The service has been rock solid with no downtime at all outside those windows where I have been notified in advance of local network upgrades etc.

  5. Darren


    *Accept at peak times, despite screwing residential customers via prioritisation.

    • CarlT

      This won’t get released in the areas with problems, those stuck on 12 channels pending hubsite upgrade.

      Almost everywhere else is fine.

    • Kevin

      On 200M package, get 190M to 220M down, 12M up consistently day, evening, weekend. No apparent slow down during peak hours.

      Pings around 18ms.

      I’m in Brighton.

    • Chris P

      @ kevin,

      good for you. Other customers don’t have the same positive experience.

    • ultraspeedy

      Exactly the same experience as you Kevin, full speed any time, day or night. No slowdowns at all. The only areas as Carl has already alluded to that have any issue are those with lower amounts of channels enabled which are getting fewer and fewer.

      Could not be happier myself. Had the service approaching 6 months, its 10 times quicker than FTTC was in my road. Engineer unlike some other organisations also wore disposable over-shoe/boot covers and did not trample mud through the house unlike some others organisations engineers (im not here to bash organisations like some though so will stop there).

    • Clive

      My area is fed from New Malden which this past week had an upgrade and have now gone from 12 downstream channels to 16 downstream, still with 2 up.

      I cannot tell if the two upstreams are now 64QAM or still 16QAM as the Hitron device doesn’t provide that info. However the performance has been a rock solid 195-205 Mb/s down and upstream a solid 12 Mb/s day, evening or night. This was even when still on 12 downstream channels.

      The VMB checker still shows only 200 Mb/s as the max speed in this area despite the change to 16 downstreams. Hopefully the move to 16 downstreams will soon release for sale a 300 Mb/s service here, as I assume that is the criteria?

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