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28th January, 2014 (1 Comment)

The communications regulator has today published its annual Consumer Experience Report (2013), which among other things reveals that consumer satisfaction with broadband service reliability has fallen from 88% in 2012 to 83% in 2013 and this is highest for those who live in rural areas where poor connectivity is more common.

28th January, 2014 (2 Comments)

Akamai has today published its latest quarterly State of the Internet Q3 – 2013 report, which reveals that the world’s average Internet download speed is now 3.6Mbps (up 10% from 3.3Mbps in Q2-2013). Meanwhile the United Kingdom scored 9.1Mbps (up 8.9% from 8.4Mbps) but still fell from 10th to be ranked 14th fastest.

28th January, 2014 (7 Comments)

Fibre optic broadband ISP Gigaclear (Rutland Telecom) has scrapped its tentative plan to build a 1000Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network in the Dun Valley or Tytherleys (Wiltshire, England) after the local state aid funded Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and BT project confirmed that it would also be doing them using slower FTTC.

28th January, 2014 (6 Comments)

The latest Public Accounts Committee event, which saw BT’s Group Strategy Director (Sean Williams) receive another grilling by Margaret Hodge MP, has revealed that the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) office is once again writing to councils in the hope to securing a greater publication of viable broadband coverage data.

27th January, 2014 (6 Comments)

The state aid fuelled £20.75m Superfast Worcestershire (England) project has today revealed which communities will be the first to get access to BT’s “high-speed fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) network, which aims to pass 90% of local premises by the middle of 2016.

27th January, 2014 (28 Comments)

The communications regulator has today posted a further consultation for its on-going review into the UK’s Wholesale Broadband Access (WBA) market, which among other things examines the impact of BT’s FTTC/P deployment in rural areas and also proposes free cease charges.

27th January, 2014 (1 Comment)

Customers whom enable Sky Broadband’s Shield (Parental Controls) service, particularly if they select the blocking option for “malicious or phishing websites“, will also find that the often essential jQuery (http://code.jquery.com) JavaScript CDN site also ends up being restricted (this is used by many websites).

25th January, 2014 (12 Comments)

The £62.5m Superfast Lancashire project in England has revealed the names of a further 10 communities that will gain access to BT’s superfast broadband (FTTC/P) network by the end of March 2014. On top of that some 52% of the county can now access the service (total of 350,000 premises passed).

24th January, 2014 (2 Comments)

The Government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has today published a baseline report for its UK Broadband Impact Study, which aims to ensure that there is a good understanding of the impact that their Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme is having.

24th January, 2014 (22 Comments)

BT has today announced that it plans to invest a further £50 million into their commercial roll-out of fibre optic based broadband (FTTC/P) technologies, which will be used to improve connectivity across more than 30 cities and thus benefit an additional 400,000 UK premises.

24th January, 2014 (17 Comments)

A debate on the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Bill has caused controversy after several MPs and the Prime Minister’s own Intellectual Property Advisor, Mike Weatherley (Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade), backed calls for persistent pirates to lose their “Internet rights” and suffer “some sort of custodial sentence“.

24th January, 2014 (3 Comments)

Analysts working at Arieso have warned of an “explosive growth in mobile data usage“, fuelled by the latest generation of LTE based Mobile Broadband services, where just 0.1% of 4G customers were found to be “data hogs” that consume more than 50% of all downlink data (globally). iPhone5s owners were also named as the hungriest for data.

24th January, 2014 (26 Comments)

Consumers interested in signing up for Tesco’s Broadband and Home Phone service might like to know that the ISP appears to be hiding a Fibre Broadband (up to 38Mbps) package under the hood of their website, which we spotted by accident while conducting one of our database update sweeps.

23rd January, 2014 (1 Comment)

The joint £35.6m superfast broadband roll-out project between South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire in England has today announced another batch of local communities that can expect to receive an upgrade to BT’s “fibre broadband“(FTTC/P) network from summer 2014.

23rd January, 2014 (8 Comments)

Customers might now have one less reason to sign-up with Sky Broadband (BSkyB) after the operator quietly withdraw their pre-paid Line Rental Saver service, which reduced the cost of renting a fixed telephone line to the equivalent of £9.95 per month when paying 12 months in advance (£119.40).

23rd January, 2014 (2 Comments)

Internet technology giant Google has launched a new Video Quality Report service, which effectively benchmarks the performance of different broadband ISPs by how effectively they can stream videos from its hugely popular YouTube video streaming site. Now if only it was available to the United Kingdom.

23rd January, 2014 (11 Comments)

The latest generation of Gigabit (1.3Gbps) capable WiFi wireless home networking standard (WLAN), better known as 802.11ac, has only just begun to hit store shelves in its final form and now the next iteration (IEEE 802.11ac-2013) has been approved that will push your local network speeds up to 7Gbps (Gigabits per second).

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