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31st October, 2016 (0 Comments)

Coventry-based ISP WarwickNet has extended their alternative fibre optic based broadband network (FTTP, Vectored VDSL2 FTTC etc.) to cover firms on the Ascot Business Park in the city of Derby (Derbyshire, England).

scotland broadband map uk project split

31st October, 2016 (27 Comments)

Good news for those living in the rural Highlands and Islands region of Scotland. The £410m Digital Scotland programme with Openreach (BT) has announced that strong take-up of “fibre broadband” means an extra 6,000 premises will be covered via a reinvestment of £2.3m.

shetland lerwick harbour

31st October, 2016 (7 Comments)

Telecoms operator BT has today switched-on a new 10Gbps link to the remote Scottish island of Shetland in the North Sea, which will serve to both improve local network resilience and boost capacity for Openreach’s on-going roll-out of FTTC/P based superfast broadband connectivity.


31st October, 2016 (33 Comments)

Residents of the new Parklands Development in Reading (Berkshire), which is being built by CALA, have told ISPreview.co.uk of their frustration after they were promised access to Openreach’s (BT) “fibre broadband” services but have instead waited months for a working phone line and slow ADSL2+.

money pound sterling coins

31st October, 2016 (2 Comments)

The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority will today begin enforcing a new guideline that requires Internet Service Providers (ISP) to adopt clearer advertising of their products by, for example, combining the cost of line rental (phone) into their monthly broadband prices.

wireless mobile mast

29th October, 2016 (26 Comments)

A new report from the British Infrastructure Group (BIG), which was setup by Grant Shapps (Conservative MP for Welwyn Hatfield), has brought together 90 cross-party Members of Parliament in order to demand better UK mobile coverage and a limited national roaming agreement.

bt uk isp logo

28th October, 2016 (5 Comments)

Unsurprisingly BT has today become one of the latest major ISPs to introduce the advertising watchdog’s new all-inclusive pricing rule (details), which among other things forces them to combine the cost of broadband and line rental into a single price.

virgin media new build homes plan

28th October, 2016 (0 Comments)

Virgin Media has unveiled a new “nationwide agreement” with property developer Bloor Homes, which will push their 300Mbps cable / FTTP broadband and TV network into over 2,000 new homes across 8 urban and rural sites in Manchester, Exeter, Coventry, Leicestershire, Nottingham and Malmesbury.

banned from the internet cross

28th October, 2016 (11 Comments)

Ministers debating the new Digital Economy Bill 2016-17 are starting to discover what many already knew, that the proposals to add ‘Age Verification’ to pornographic websites may in practice be unworkable. Instead some of them want to impose a duty on all broadband ISPs to block “adult-only content” by default.

now tv bskyb uk

28th October, 2016 (4 Comments)

Sky Broadband and its sibling TV streaming service, NOW TV, will today become the latest providers to adopt the advertising watchdog’s new all-inclusive pricing rule (details), which means that they’ll combine the cost of their no-contract TV, broadband and line rental bundles into a single price.


27th October, 2016 (0 Comments)

Coventry-based WarwickNet, which builds its own alternative fibre optic broadband networks (FTTP, Vectored VDSL2 / FTTC etc.) to connect poorly served businesses across the Midlands, Surrey and Berkshire in England, has today reported a strong turnover of £3.4 million in the last financial year.

BT Centre in Newgate Street, London

27th October, 2016 (36 Comments)

The latest quarterly (Q3 2016 calendar) results have been published by BT today, which reveal that their retail broadband base now tops 9,193,000 customers (up by +76K, unchanged from Q2) and 4,473,000 of those take their ‘Infinity‘ (FTTC/P) superfast broadband (up by +216K vs +181K in Q2).

Openreach BT UltraFast G.fast Fibre Broadband

27th October, 2016 (37 Comments)

After a long wait Openreach (BT) has today revealed the tentative wholesale cost of their new ‘up to’ 330Mbps capable G.fast broadband technology for UK homes and businesses, which from January 2017 will be piloted in 17 locations across the country (reaching 138,000 UK premises by the end of March 2017).

postoffice uk broadband

27th October, 2016 (1 Comment)

The Post Office has confirmed that their website will today be updated to reflect the Advertising Standards Authority‘s new all-inclusive pricing guideline (details), which nudges ISPs to combine the cost of phone line rental and broadband into a single price.

london city central

27th October, 2016 (0 Comments)

The Confederation of British Industry, which speaks on behalf of 190,000 UK businesses, has today added its voice to the growing chorus of people calling on the Government to use next month’s Autumn Statement 2016 as a platform to boost investment in digital infrastructure (broadband etc.).

wireless internet

26th October, 2016 (0 Comments)

The Essex County Council (ECC) and Superfast Essex project have recently introduced a new Community Wi-Fi Scheme, which offers small grants to help local communities to setup a public WiFi network via community hubs (village hall, community centre etc.).


26th October, 2016 (17 Comments)

A security flaw in the third-party service that Virgin Media uses to process new job applications could have exposed the personal CV details of between 30,000 and 50,000 people to the Internet.

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