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Top 50 Broadband ISPs

This page displays the best un-weighted* 50 fixed line broadband ISPs (voted for by readers of ISPreview.co.uk). Go back to our Top 10 page for a weighted list of the top ISPs by broadband subscriber size and reader reviews or visit our Reader ISP Reviews system to rate your ISP; note that this also includes Wireless (WiFi/FWA), Mobile Broadband (3G/4G), Dialup (Narrowband) and Satellite providers.
Top 50 UK Broadband ISPs
The Top 50 is un-weighted. This means that neither the age nor number of total reviews are counter-balanced against a providers rating for services, support etc. The Top 10 list includes a much stricter weighting and criteria before an ISP can achieve position.
Latest Reader ISP Reviews
TalkTalk (Kidblast) Broadband Fixed Line 17th Apr, 2019 By: Kidblast
Spitfire (DeanJackson84) Broadband Fixed Line 08th Apr, 2019 By: DeanJackson84
Vodafone (lewis) Broadband Fixed Line 05th Apr, 2019 By: lewis
Vodafone (Daint) Broadband Fixed Line 03rd Apr, 2019 By: Daint
bOnline (jvallis) Broadband Fixed Line 01st Apr, 2019 By: jvallis
The Phone Coop (Steve Ell) Broadband Fixed Line 31st Mar, 2019 By: Steve Ell
EE (cdlnet) Broadband Fixed Line 30th Mar, 2019 By: cdlnet
TalkTalk (zofbtb) Broadband Fixed Line 29th Mar, 2019 By: zofbtb

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